Built a stadium complete with working scoreboards that go from 0 to 99 (Creative mode, Euclid)

I designed this to be a fast paced “hockey with guns instead of sticks” type of game. It’s on a low gravity moon for maximum physics kick to the ball.

The scoreboards go from 0-99 but you can actually play to higher scores as the system wraps back to 0 after 99. If a shorter game is desired, just shoot the reset button above either scoreboard display to wipe both scores after you’ve reached your goal to start a new game.

There is a glass bottom platform hovering above surrounding the sphere creator for any spectators/referees. On it is buttons to reset the ball to center court and a switch to override the light sensor (solar panel hooked to an inverter) for the colored lights on the sides of the stadiums if you’d like them on constantly.

If the ball gets fouled (knocked out of the stadium), there are also ball reset buttons on the bottom of the referee platform that can be shot to activate.

Best weapons to have on your multi-tool are mining beam, boltcaster, pulse spitter, and scatter blaster. Each has it’s use.

Weapons to leave behind: plasma launcher (amazingly it usually barely moves the ball), geology cannon (same), and the blaze javelin (fully charged it packs as much punch as a pea shooter to the ball).

The glyphs are in the pics. Hope some of you at least enjoy it and please do let me know if there are any rendering issues or other problems (some parts may lose their custom color.. I had issues with having to “repaint” pieces while building).

Any and all feedback is welcome including ideas for improvement, bugs, frame rate issues, etc. Built it on a PS4 Pro and it runs smooth for me, your milage may vary as it’s pushing the edge of the upload limit.

BTW, this was done without any glitch building techniques, all since Frontiers, with mostly legacy concrete parts (they color nice and don’t have context sensitive weirdness).


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