NMS HOT POST 2021/12/2

Met a new player in the anomaly and gave him a whole bunch of stuff. Helped him build a base on my home planet and traveled together for a long time, ended up finding this Redacted planet. This game is so much more fun in multiplayer.


PLEASE let us have more than 6 companions

I already posted this on r/No_Mans_Sky but I thought I’d share it here as well.

It’s really weird, I know, but the alien animals are probably one of my all time favorite parts of the game. I get all sentimental about my digital space friends and it’s hard to let them go in favor of a cooler one.

My girlfriend suggested this and I think it’s too genius not to mention, but we can keep the system of having 6 companions. We can only have 6 ACTIVE companions at a time. Every companion that isn’t active can be stored at a base, either in some type of storage or in actual enclosures.

That way you’re still somewhat limited (only I’m not sure why that’s important) and those cool one-of-a-kind creatures are not lost forever. If you let us build enclosures, we could also build space zoos.

Let me say that again.

Space. Zoos.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

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