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How to get nanites efficiently?

Ok so I want to upgrade my ship class but it costs so many nanites it makes me wonder what the game devs want us to do to get these. There used to be a glitch with sentinels where you could get lots of nanites really quick but I thonk they patched it cuz it doesn’t work for me. Any tips?

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Please can we have a contextual inventory?

I don’t know about you but it really annoys me when I’m on foot and when I open my inventory it defaults to my ship’s inventory. My ship could be at the other side of the planet and it will still default to its inventory, I can’t even use it when I’m walking a fair distance.

I’d much prefer it if when on foot it would open your Exosuit inventory, when in your ship open the ships inventory and when on the freighter open its inventory.

What do you think?

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