I'm so thankful for the quicksilver currency

First of all, I’m a day one player and loved the product from the first minute I played it although I can see why many got frustrated. While HG started to put out free updates to form the game into what it is today I was always wondering; When will they add monetization to be able to keep doing this. And then one day, they added Quicksilver. Quicksilver was a slow (-ish) earned currency that you could be used to buy cosmetics and other non game impacting things into the game and I for sure believed it to be a way for HG to start getting in some revenue again. But it stayed an in game currency only, and to this day is. I’m so freaking impressed by the fact that they added a system that screams microtransaction (and by the way, I was fully on board with there being such thing in the game. I’ve already got my moneys worth) but kept it as is. Isn’t that something to celebrate?

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