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Are you new player looking for some tips to get you started? Are you a veteran player with some advice you want to pass along? Looking for a good way to earn units, nanites or just how to get the most out of the game? Check out our new FAQ thread!

Here's some of the FAQ suggestions we received in our previous FAQ thread. Keep in mind that these are opinions from some of our valued OP's and you may agree or disagree with some of these. We just ask that everyone remains respectful when replying to this thread and we look forward to your contribution! NMSTG Mod Team

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Tip #1: Always try to be doing multiple things. Pick up the portable refiner so you can refine something from your inventory while exploring and mining.

Tip #2: Avoid multiplayer until unlocking the anomaly, can be stranded if not.

Tip #3: Exotic worlds only have 1 fauna so it's easy to scan all of them.

Tip #4: Need glyphs? All 16 are on one planet here

Q- "I was on the Anomaly and a bunch of expensive stuff showed up in my inventory. What do I do with it? A:" Congrats! Another player has bestowed you with a gift. Most likely it is an item to sell for some quick and easy cash. Usually the item description will tell you what it is used for.

Q: "Help, I claimed a broken ship and now I can't find my starter ship! Is it gone forever?" A:" If you merely selected to "claim" the broken ship and not "swap" it, then your old ship is still around. If you left it with launch fuel in the tank, you can summon it with the quick-menu. If it does not have fuel, it can be summoned on the Anomaly (once you unlock it), your freighter (once you acquire one).

Q- "Are crashed ships worth repairing?" A-" Unless it is an exotic, no. Scrap the ship at the space station, sell the items it gives you, and use those units to buy a better, working version of a ship in that system.

Q- "Any advice for new players?" A-"For new players, make sure you read the guide in-game. It's an excellent beginner's guide for traveling, learning about the alien races, building, and etc. Take a look over the catalogue of items too. Also, I'd strongly suggest mining a massive amount of carbon, oxygen, and sodium. These three items will be some of your most used and critical items in the game

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Welcome to the new daily Q&A thread for NMSTG! You can now drop a question, provide answers or j...

Below are a few popular questions that we’ve received from our past FAQ thread. As always we ask that everyone be respectful and we welcome everyone’s contribution so have fun!

Q- I’m keen to start a new passive money making pursuit. What are some good ideas or guides post-Waypoint?

A#1-Gold farm, then take that stack and sell it at a terminal (not traders) in systems that sell gold. Sell all your gold to the terminal and crash the economy. Then buy it all back at 80% off discount. You just got free money and keep all the gold. All this takes is an initial investment on a gold farm, then you carry all that gold with you and just sell/buy back when you get to another system that sells gold. With 50 stacks in my ship’s cargo hold, I can make somewhere around 150 million units in each system I do this in.

A#2-Start a Farm, Fusion Igniters or Statis Devices Farm which will increase your profits to 100- 200 mil fairly quickly and you can even send out multiple freighter missions which will help you get aronium, magno-gold, Enriched carbon and more which will increase the profits even more.

A#3-Quickest way I’ve found to make a TON of units: Harvesting Storm Crystals. Find a VERY hot planet that has frequent fire storms. DURING STORMS ONLY – you can see the bright white light from Storm Crystals if you fly around low enough. Fly to them, land, quickly harvest them, get back in your ship and fly to the next before you burn up.

Q-How do I get the Advanced Mining Laser? I don’t have the option to craft one, and the multi-tool upgrade vendor at the space station doesn’t have the blueprint for sale.

A-In order to get it, you have to look for the blueprints in crashed ships or abandoned facilities. You get it from the main story (awakenings) or you can buy it on the anomaly.

Q-What do I actually do in the game? I finished the tutorial, is there anything else beside gathering stuff, building a base and repeat?

A#1-It’s really whatever you want, there’s a base story, (assuming you haven’t completed it already), follow the quest log and you’ll figure it out, but things You’d want to do for end game? You can collect multiple multitools, ships, built a fleet for your freighter, etc.

Q-Is there a planet that is populated by many players, and they built their base close to each others like a city?

A- Yeah its the Galactic Hub Project, Its a place where many people have bases and each day the numbers grow. Please help yourself. There are many factions in NMS that do this, even NMS Pirates Hub.

Q-I’m still pretty early into the game, just making my way to the center of the galaxy, what should I be spending my credits on?

A-Go hang around a outlaw/pirate trading post. Cheapest S-class start at around 8-8.5 million without a trade-in. I recommend Vikeen pirate, as then you have two good and 1 remote chances at high-maneuverability S-class: fighter, solar, exotic.

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