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Weekly Bug Report Thread

This thread is followed by Hello Games. Please add your bug reports to this thread. You can also report bugs to Hello Games at the Zendesk. Before reporting a bug be sure you have installed the latest Patch or Hot Fix, information is located on this page. Please include platform and version.

This weekly thread is to help keep bug reports manageable. It is a scheduled weekly thread and not related to any specific release. You do not have to repost bugs to this post if you have already reported them on a previous post.

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NMS is like a warm mug of coffee on a Winter's morning

I guess you could say I’m an OG NMS player. I had preordered the game, as it was one of my most hyped games back in the day. Like most people who played on release, I was a bit confused and underwhelmed upon first booting up the game; it was nothing like the pre-release footage (I know, old news at this point). Even still, I clocked in around 50 hours, as I was able to find some enjoyment in its simplicity, and could see potential in it (and perhaps I hoped to discover more depth hidden somewhere).

After those initial 50 hours, I uninstalled and didn’t touch it again until the Pathfinder update. I messed around a little, liking the improvements, but ultimately moved on again after about 10 hours. It wasn’t until the Next update that I tried again, and this is where I really started to see some of that initial potential shining through.

All of this is to say, I am just now coming back to the game all these years later. It is absolutely astonishing how much this game has evolved. I started a new save, wanting to experience the game how we all wish it had launched, and I’m loving it. HG have added SO MUCH to this game, it’s honestly a bit overwhelming. Playing NMS today vs the launch version is one hell of a trip, let me tell you. The ability to make bases ANYWHERE you want, and the massive amount of base customization now compared to Foundation…the new planet types…the fact there are now actual deep oceans, and you can even build underwater…the improved cave systems…the look & feel of space, and the improved combat depth…the vehicles and mechs…the improved land combat and sentinels…the new fauna types…the expanded crafting…there is just SO. MUCH.

I honestly don’t even know the point of this post, other than to say this game always has had a special place in my heart, and playing it in its current form is one hell of a ride. This is one of those games I’ll probably never uninstall again. I can’t even put a finger on why I love this game so much…there’s just something…special about it. It gives me a inexplicable feeling when I play it. It’s like a warm mug of coffee on a Winter’s morning.

Thanks, Hello Games. You did right by us players. I can’t wait to see where you take NMS next.

Anyway, sorry for the long-winded post, and thanks for reading!

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One Man's Take

I thought I’d weigh in on the latest update.

For context I’m a day one player that has well over 3,000 hours in the game, and I have spent hundreds of hours getting the best X-class modules (before the chances of good stats were massively improved). I love the game, and I think Hello Games has done a phenomenal job of supporting No Man’s Sky and the community.

That said I’m not a fan of this particular update. It has good elements but overall I think HG have abandoned a lot of the structure they put in place over the years.

I think it has been said ad nauseam at this point but the new tech limitations directly affect game play. Slower maneuverability in ships and less jet pack power makes traversal less fun than it was previously. I see a lot of dismissal of min/maxing as “you just want to be over-powered”, but for me personally I like the accomplishment. You see the fruits of your labour, I worked hard and I’m rewarded for it. Like most games the more you put in, the more you get out. If I’ve grinded powerful shields, I want to be able to take a hit. If I’ve grinded powerful pulse engine upgrades, I want my ship to glide through the air. There is now a tangible difference in that.

Now I’ve heard a lot of people say this brings balance, but If HG wanted to change the dynamics and bring in new technology, they may have been better off holding this element until they had a suitable substitution in-game. For me it’s not a sticking point, as I think HG will address this part soon.

The menu makes sense in to be seperated as tech and cargo, I have no arguement with that (beyond that the tech cap should have been adjusted to match current standards). I think we may have gone a little overboard with stacking and space, but I have no problems with it. I do think the menu looks more cluttered now, and would prefer to see tech and cargo as two seperate tabs as opposed to two scrolling screens on the same page. I hope this part is addressed very soon as it’s harder to navigate, and looks much more cluttered in my oppinion.

As for customisation, I have no issue with being able to customise your game. Hell I like the idea of a custom mode, it’s not for me, but I think it has it’s place. My personal gripe is with how it’s been implemented. Being able to change the rules of the modes on the fly, has diluted each of the modes identities. What is the point of a custom mode, when it really applies to all of them? There is no difference between Normal, creative, survival and custom, those are just pre-sets that can change on a whim. Bear in mind HG introduced these modes in foundations, and now they have been eroded and seemingly abandoned.

Now I’m not affected by how other people play their game, but before you simply selected the mode that was right for you. But I see a loss of community over this. Before if people were struggling they would turn to the community, and that brought the best out of us; struggling to find an item? “Let’s meet up in game and I’ll transfer you one”. Short on units? “We’ll send you some to get you started”. Struggling with a sentinel pillar? “We’ll join and help”. Why would people turn to communities, when it’s all solvable at a touch of a slider? I think Hello Games may have sacrificed one of the best elements of this game, the community itself, in the name of accessibility which was already there in the form of different modes. I think it will be easier for new players to just bypass struggles, than seek out this game’s wonderful community for support. Many groups and civs thrive on player interactions beyond just “look at my base”, there’s trading, pvp matches and other competative events all of which will be nigh on impossible to fairly balance (apparently after testing the settings can affect pvp not just pve). That in itself is a crying shame.

Now people will say that there is still ship hunting as a community activity, for example. But if Hello Games is really focusing on accessiblility, do you think full ship customisation is not on the horizon? The removal of ‘game’ elements, severly diminshes a lot of the groups that have become staples of the community. I’ve seen a lot of issues on both sides of the arguement, but no one wants to see a playerbase exodus from the game, Sean said it himself, development only happens if the team and the community, continue to turn up for it. A lot of people that have not liked this update, have many hours in the game and add to the active player statistics, even if you disagree those oppinions and players should not be disregarded. As I said I can see the benefits of a custom mode, I would have preferred if it didn’t encroach existing modes.

The trade rocket looks great, it’s fun to see it break atmoshere and head to the station. Unfortunately most existing players will have little need for it. Every station, most bases and freighters have a trade station built in. Couple that with the added slot capacity, you end up thinking am I ever really going to be in desperate need to sell my inventory this second? I would much rather have seen the very cool looking rocket serve a new and unique purpose, as right now it just feels a bit wasted.

Some of the new visual elements look absolutely stunning, and I do like the improvements to the Nexus (although there may be a bit of HDR issue in there again atm).

Overall I feel like this update seems to focus so heavily on inclusion that it disregards elements that long term players enjoyed. I think every single element could have been included, and with a bit more consideration to how they were implemented, recieved a much warmer reception. There are plenty of people that are enjoying the update, and that’s absolutely fine, this is just my oppinion. I don’t think any of the suggestions I’ve made, would directly affect their enjoyment, but I’m happy to have a discussion if you disagree with me.

Just remember whichever side of the fence you sit on, we all love this game, and there is nothing wrong with criticism as long as it’s constructive.

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Favorite Nanite farming method

Idk who needs to hear this but pirate system farming is my favorite way to get 10’s of thousands of nanites pretty quickly. It’s not hard to net 50+k in an hour. You do need a Units bankroll but salvaging a couple Interceptors is more than enough to get started.

Any time I’m exploring the galaxy or searching for the coolest Interceptor in the universe I’ll stop at a pirate system every 3-5 warps to buy out the Suspicious Packet stock (tech and weaponry) and check out the local solar ships.

If I need a pile of nanites quickly to upgrade a ship or something I’ll hit up pirate systems back to back. I go to the station vendor and buy all the tech and weapon packets, and then go to one trade depot and buy them out too. Then warp to the next system and do it again. Once I have a stack or two of each packet I open them all up and sell them to an upgrade vendor.

One stack of 50 nets around 16-17k nanites. You can get a stack of each, tech and weaponry, in about 5-6 warps. It’s FREE REAL ESTATE!

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I know ship hunting is important but... its kind of brutal that we cannot atleast modify an existing...

Thinking of the big picture you probably will never be able to obtain the starship that you dream of ever in your lifetime. The common saying is that exploration is a core aspect of the game and the player should keep exploring to find the ship they want, but there is a very brutal catch…

The world of NMS consists of 256 Galaxies, all with their hundreds of systems, who also have their handful of planets, the NMS world is so huge that you probably wouldn’t even be able to comb through it all in your whole lifetime even if you explored 24/7 without going to the bathroom or eating.

Now here is my point, I don’t intend to imply that HG should just allow us to build our own ship and make the whole exploring shtick useless, but atleast we should be able to work with something that is “good enough”. A Sentinel ship for instance, I find a good model with folding wings and belly horn but it has the ugly big wing stuck in its body? I should be able to remove it. I find a good one with the wrong colors? I should be able to change the paintjob.

No modifying the entire ship, but still be able to change a range of body parts and paint to better match what we want, I dont care if it would change it to C class or if it costed an unholy amount of Nanites, it would simply be another nice goal to chase at endgame.

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