Fractal 4.14

Hello everyone,

Thank you to everyone playing the Fractal Update, especially those taking the time to report any issues they encounter via Zendesk or console crash reporting.

We are listening closely to your feedback, and have identified and resolved a number of issues. These fixes are included in patch 4.14, which is live on Steam.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash related to rendering.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some players to lose discoveries.


We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.

Thank you,
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My No Man's Sky wish list

  1. Multiplayer fleets/freighters. It’d be great if you and whatever friends you were playing with could all summon your freighters into the same system. This would add to the idea that a planet was a home planet for a group

  2. Along the same lines but if I Jump into a system and a freighter battle is happening – let me summon my freighter to defend me and potentially the other freighter

  3. Settlements are a start but let them expand to sprawling cities or where settlements are started allow cities to start to grow out of them.

  4. Race homeworlds- we have 4 races and none of them have a home planet? Do they do all of their construction of the starships and freighters they pilot from other starships and freighters?

  5. Along the same lines again but if a race is the dominant race in a system let them populate the planets in that system. Id love to explore AI citites/settlements populated by Gek.

  6. Remnants left of the old racist geks who just want to destroy everything and take over everything. Now that we have freighter battles you could easily implement this but instead of pirates its the order of the first spawn intent on destroying the other races

  7. Now that we have freighters intent on destroying freighters add orbital bombardment as a possibility for settlement issues

  8. The high conflict systems should feel like high conflict systems whether that means you jump in and fleets are firing on each other or you jump in and all of a sudden fighters just fly overhead and are blasting each other

  9. I know it’s probably never going to happen but ship/freighter building. I understand the ship hunting mechanic is huge in the game but adding an element for it would be pretty cool…especially now that we have been able to build a staff and a mechanical body.

  10. Melee weapons because sometimes you just need to get up close and personal with the enemy or they just get too up close and personal with you. You could make this a sidearm of a multi tool or its own multitool.

  11. Desert planets. We have scorched planets so why not desert?

  12. Multiplayer cities/settlements – allow multiple player bases to be seen and allow multiple players to build cities together to make sprawling cities or even city worlds. I know this could cause rendering issues but there should be a way to do this right?

  13. Space station ownership/construction – I know they added an element to this with the nexus but let us have our own space stations in planets and make money off of products bought/sold in them

  14. Player run economies – I’m not saying the whole economy should be player run but allow players to buy and sell to each other through an exchange of some sort whether that means setting up their own shop or through the previously mentioned constructed space station

I love no mans sky as a game and I will continue to play it but I think adding some of these elements will make the game more immersive

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Don't get distracted claiming a sentinel ship

So I used my last echo locator to find a harmonious camp. It directed me to a ship that looked pretty sweet. Then my visor pointed me to the dissonance resonator.

Last time It led me to an echo locator so I decided to mark the resonator and come back after I searched around for another locator.

Found another resonator (no locator) and decided to call off the hunt and went back to the 1st resonator. Grabbed the resonator and looked for the inverted mirror but my visor was ‘blank’ and the location of the ship was lost. A restore just put me at the 2nd resonator I found & still no ship marker on the HUD

Sure learning a lot of hard lessons lately. I did get a nice multi-tool from the camp tho as a consolation prize

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