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Bases need to be more interactive. Discuss.

For me, one of the great failings in this great game is the lack of purpose in building based beyond farming / fast travel. Many of the decorations are just that, purely decorative (can’t sit in most chairs, can’t sleep in bed, no need to eat of drink); nobody visits / NPC hirelings don’t roam and are eventually useless; so on… There really is very little point to building the extravagant bases we all build. I use my base to farm. That’s it. The bio dome is the only essential building. I build beautiful houses, they serve no function. Making bases more interactive/purposeful would be a great next step in NMS’ development. Even simple animations: let us sleep, drink from the cups etc etc. Small tweaks would make bases feel less like galleries and more like actual bases. Thoughts?

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[Expedition] You don't need to find Herox

I’ve been seeing quite a few complaints about having to get Herox to repair your ship. Just thought I’d spread the word that it’s significantly easier to get than you might think.

Unlock and build a Large Refiner. Fill it with Ammonia (Very common on the starting planet), Silver (Again, very common) and Cobalt (Mine the rocks in caves to get this)

Hope this helps some of you out

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Beginner’s Guide

Hey y’all, a friendly Traveler here As we all know, No Man’s Sky is irredeemably unforgiving to new players. It’s very hard to get your, well, space legs as literally nothing explains itself in the game. Hence why I’m writing this. Here are a few littl…

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