No Man’s Sky: Interceptor Update


Launching today, we wanted to shake things up a little with our next update – No Man’s Sky: INTERCEPTOR – to bring a new gameplay experience, and also expand the lore of the game.


A new corruption has spread through the universe, blighting planets, bringing new enemies, new resources and a new Starship class, which is our most varied Starship to date.

Here’s just some of what players can expect from INTERCEPTOR:

Hugely varied new Starship – expand your fleet by salvaging your perfect Sentinel ship, or collect a whole range of Interceptors.

Corrupt Worlds – many worlds have succumbed to corruption, with strange crystals sprouting from the earth, and Sentinel guardians twisted into bizarre new forms. Explore these purple-hazed worlds to find new buildings, crashed interceptors, secret equipment and more…



VR Improvements – watching players on our new PSVR2 version has inspired us to add a whole bunch of improvements and new features for VR including wrist interface controls, improved visuals and more.

New Enemy types – including huge spider-like enemies and their small crab-like children, plus new corrupted drones. These combat machines are some of our most lethal, armed with stealth tech, flamethrower and explosive weaponry.



New Tech – Interceptor ships are powered by unique new Sentinel technology, such as the Anti-Gravity Well and Crimson Core, requiring new resources to construct and fuel. There are new Sentinel Multi-Tools and a large winged Sentinel jetpack too.

Custom Wonders – inspired by how players have enjoyed the Wonders Catalogue from our previous update, so now you may curate your own collection of favourite discoveries with the Personal Records section of the Wonders catalogue. Bookmark spectacular planets, bizarre alien creatures, favourite flowers and more.



Sentinel capital ships – huge Sentinel Capital ships feature compelling space combat, and an ultimate goal for weaponry heavy ships. Defeating Sentinel freighter is incredibly bombastic but also clears your “wanted” status and earns new high-value rewards.

Performance and Visuals Improvements – our engine team is continually improving performance and visuals on all formats. A recent focus has been on VR, and in this update there was a renewed focus on Xbox consoles, including new tech allowing Travellers to maintain a smooth and consistent framerate in visually complex scenes.



INTERCEPTOR launches on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and VR, free for existing players.

The enduring success of No Man’s Sky is due to the continued energy and creativity of this small team, but also to you – our welcoming community. We are tremendously grateful for your continued support of us and our journey.
We can’t wait to show you what else we’ve got in store for 2023.

The full patch notes for Interceptor are available here.

Our journey continues

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Expedition 5 overall was a very mixed bag for me.

So I just got done with Expedition 5 the other day and while past expeditions took me ~4 to 4.5 hours total to complete the milestones….this one took triple the amount of time to complete at over 12 hours…but for the wrong reasons.

The first few milestones that took me a lot of time was finding the different eggs and the different milk. It took a LOT of time to hop back from system to system to find everything, even had to resort to coming here to this sub to backtrack to certain systems and whatnot, since I realized I didn’t get enough of some of the egg and milk types (I’ll admit, my bad). And to top it off, when I did finally finish this section, the base decals and posters weren’t showing up for me after I redeemed them on my main save, which gave me a bit of a scare that I went through all that cooking for nothing. But thankfully, this bug has been fixed as of the latest build pushed out today. (Thanks HG! :D)

But the eggs and the milk were absolutely nothing compared to the milestone I hated the most:

Getting the Explorers Guild Ranking up to level 16.

I absolutely hated this part for a few different reasons. First of all; you are often at the mercy of the RNG of each system’s mission boards. And this wouldn’t have been a huge deal if you only had to get the rank up to like 5. But 16? (Yes, I know why it’s 16 but still…) It took me so, so long to find system with Explorers guild missions I could actually do, since I’d often get missions that required too high of a rank to accept. So I was taking absolutely anything I could find.

And here’s the second part why I didn’t like this Explorers Guild Ranking milestone. Because of this grind and RNG based luck; it’s advised to stack certain mission types for them that you can do on any planet all at once. One of the fastest and easiest missions you get early on is; killing animals on the planet. Which I feel goes against the whole purpose of the Exobiology Expedition. And since that was the last milestone I had to complete, most of the final part of the Exobiology Expedition for me is…killing off all the animals. It felt so out of place.

And I fully understand that’s a personal choice on my end whether to pick up that mission type from the board, but due to how hard is was to find these explorers guild ranking missions in various systems, and how advised it is to stack mission types like that, it kinda felt I had no choice but to do it if I wanted to get this done as soon as possible.

So yeah, if anyone at HG is reading this; If you’re gonna do faction standing milestones again on future Expeditions, please don’t make it 16. Make it like 5 or something. Or if you want to do 16, make that for one of the 3 Alien races instead, so we at least know which systems to hop to from the map, and don’t have to play Star System Roulette with the map.

Sorry for the long post/rant. Just wanted to give my feedback in the hopes that it may improve what we see next time. 🙂

TLDR: Overall, Expedition 5 was very mixed for me. The majority of it was a lot of fun, but one or two milestones of it were painful to get.

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