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Love the colors on this planet. The planet is covered in a desolate red ocean, but hidden under the surface are complex caves and a desert like environment. Named it Acrylia.


Farming Tips Please

So I started making a huge farm near my main base. Have a dozen EM Generators to give power. I harvest 3000 plants of each plant species on a trip. But I see my sell per unit is going lower and lower. Where I once got 20 units from each plant I now get…

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Deleting or even picking up one section of the golden countertop deletes every attached section.

I’m trying to arrange a counter how I want it, and every time I decide, “No, I don’t like that one part there.” I have to start all the way over because it removes every attached part. On top of that being annoying as hell, I wanted to use the half counter to space out the entry point to get behind the counter, then delete it so that everything would still be perfectly lined up, and there would be a gap to get behind the counter.

I love building in games. I’ve built in so many games. I have never used a building system that has this many issues as the one in NMS. Just how rough and unfinished and unpolished building is in this game is the reason I have trouble getting any kind of hype for Light No Fire. I really hope they have a completely new mechanic built from the ground up that they actually finish, because things like this countertop bug are so mind numbing to work with.

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続きを読む シェア

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