NMS HOT POST 2023/05/26

I bought NMS on a recommendation from a friend in order to kill time waiting for Starfield. But I’m enjoying NMS so much that now think I’ll get massively disappointed in SF for lacking features NMS has, and equally disappointed in NMS for not having what Starfield has.

On the positive flip-side – I love this game already and I can see myself dumping at least 100-1000+ hours into it. On another positive note I will probably enjoy Starfield equally. On the negative side of the coin, I will probably be incredible frustrated at not having the best of both worlds.

Do you think interior ship design will happen with NMS? Or building your own ships? It feels kinda weird that you can't chill inside your ships. A void Starfield will fill.

What I wanted some discussion, thoughts and opinions on, if you guys feel like sharing, is the following; Why do you think it's so hard to make a game which has the best of both w/o too much compromise? A game like that would probably satiate everyone into an everlasting gaming frenzy.

Is that a technical challenge? Economical one? Development time? All of those or others?

I'm playing NMS like a relapsed crack addict who just found a mountain of cocaine atm. And I'm friggin loving the game. And I'll probably love SF when it comes out. However it does leave this frustrating thought eating at me like… these two games seems to both lean towards everything I want in a game so closely but not perfectly.

Anyway, /endrant! Glad I discovered this game despite being late to the show. Finally a game to fill the massive void.

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