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Dose anyone else have this book?

Dose anyone else have this book?

I remember when I was like barely a teen in 2016 I was obsessed with no mans sky but we couldn't afford a ps4 so I was stuck with a ps3 so I was bummed but when my school had a book fair I saw the limitless sky book and I took that home and read it like it was a sacred text and I recently found it again and juts wounder if anyone else had this

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Don't get distracted claiming a sentinel ship

So I used my last echo locator to find a harmonious camp. It directed me to a ship that looked pretty sweet. Then my visor pointed me to the dissonance resonator.

Last time It led me to an echo locator so I decided to mark the resonator and come back after I searched around for another locator.

Found another resonator (no locator) and decided to call off the hunt and went back to the 1st resonator. Grabbed the resonator and looked for the inverted mirror but my visor was ‘blank’ and the location of the ship was lost. A restore just put me at the 2nd resonator I found & still no ship marker on the HUD

Sure learning a lot of hard lessons lately. I did get a nice multi-tool from the camp tho as a consolation prize

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