How many of you play the game like this?

When I play NMS my mindset is not the same as playing other games (playing it in VR also), let me explain:

– Flying on my ship: I tend to not use pulse drive, or deactivate it on purpose when 1-2 minutes close to a planet, I never get tired of the whole landing process, and then get a view of the planet biome.

– Taking it slow: I’ve finished the main quest line about 3 times already, my current save file has been the longest, the first 2 times I rushed for money and I think that kinda made things dull (worst mistake I think, is to rush for money, even more now that you can just change game modes and get anything you want if you wish to do so), this time I took things slow and I’ve been enjoying the game a lot more, A LOT more, even tho right now I have more units than ever before, I never got in a tiresome grind loop, and I never needed to, this game is grindy only if you make it grindy to be honest, you don’t even need to grind for power since most common multi tools will be enough to fight sentinels and kill them all, and if you need a powerful enough ship to kill pirates with ease, just get a living ship and get some good pilots on your squad (tho they are never that good, but hey any help is good!).

– Ignore gifts: not because I’m not grateful (I do think people ingame are very kind) but it feels kinda wrong and breaks the purpose of playing the game, again doesn’t bother me now, but had I taken those gift to sell and get easy money, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the whole process.

– Use my best-looking ship instead of the best one: I just love how my interceptor looks, and it’s black and red! it’s nowhere as good as my living ship, but dang isn’t it cool? and they hover!

– Not rushing to the center: I’ve been slowly traveling to the center, I’ve found some neat planets in the process, my favorite ones are the frozen ones, forever christmas.

– I rather warp using my freight: IDK exactly why I like it more than using a ship, but there’s something special about it, it’s like a home after all.

Over all my experience with the game since my mindset has been like this, it’s been night and day in comparison, I think my 2 previous save games have been useful as a way to realize what kind of game I was playing, I think remembering my times with minecraft helped me to see why I always came back into the game but never got to know exactly why, and now I realize it, just sit back and enjoy the universe at your own pace, nothing is rushing you to any goal at all, don’t do annoying things because you think the goal will be good, do things to enjoy them so you don’t have to do them the annoying way.

And this is I think the problem many people have, not blaming it on them btw, a game can’t appeal everyone, it’s not a game about goals and many gamers want goals, it’s a game about what you would want to do given a universe to explore, same thing you do in minecraft, explore, craft, build, enhance, and maybe get to the ender dragon and then the exit portal (I’ve never done that just because I never got interested on it, even after playing the game for years).

Just wanted to share my experience with the game with you all, and also ask you for your experience, maybe I’m not that odd of a player and someone else out there also do the same things, or some of them, or maybe you enjoy the game doing the opposite, it would be interesting to know!

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Just another PSA from your friendly Wizard that may help new and old players alike. You can make inf...

So this is mostly for those who are on a planet that’s actively trying to kill them, though it’s come in handy for me a few times. All you need is a refiner, and 30 Di-hydrogen.

Simply put the 30 into the refiner, wait 1 minute, and you’ll get 1 Di-hydrogen Jelly. Now put that jelly back into the refiner, and you get 50 Di-hydrogen. Put 20 aside, and make another jelly. Now revert, and you have 70, which can make 2 jelly. Revert and repeat as long as you need to.

This can be time consuming, which is why I mentioned it’s mostly for those stuck on lethal planets with little else to do bar wonder what they did to anger the First Spawn. Nothing worse than burning sodium while desperately searching for tiny patches of blue crystals.

Fly safe, fellow Travellers o7

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For those complaining the last 2 updates were lackluster

Let’s have a little more tact.

  1. There’s nothing wrong with expressing wishes and desires
  2. Those complaining obviously still love the game, and aren’t hating on it as a whole
  3. We can communicate more graciously.

HG definitely reads this sub. We know that. NMS came out 6.5 years ago. We paid $60 brand new. I bet a lot of people got it on sale, but let’s just say we paid full price. How many other games, ever, release major content updates for free, no subscriptions, no egregious micro-transactions, and as regularly (despite never committing to a schedule (also note how they’re never late to this non schedule))? Pretty much 0. None that I can think of.

Quick analogy of how I view our current situation:

Let’s say I give a customer a quote on building them a house. It’ll be $600,000 and have all these cool features. When I finish building it’s very obvious it went poorly. There was even a flood halfway through and the foundation had to be re poured. The customer is unhappy, but in good faith I show up a few months later and say “I’m going to redo some rooms and add a couple of things. No charge.”

A few months later I come back again, “New appliances, new windows and a garage! No charge”

And again…. and again…

A few years go by, and now I’ve far exceed the time and effort originally billed. The $600,000 budget for the home build has been more than spent. Yes, a lot of that was scrapped, but even the finished product is now worth more than $600,000.

A few months later, though, “I created a virtual reality experience of your home so you can enjoy it however you want. No charge”.

And a few months later, I come back again “I made some additions to your neighbors house, same as here. No charge”

Fast forward to this last year…. I come back a couple times and say “Some of the stuff I added isn’t quite up to my expectations. I know you’ve gotten used to me adding new cool gadgets when I show up, but before I add more I need to add some supports to the floor, add a wheelchair ramp out front, fresh coat of paint on some of those rooms I worked in a lot as I might have dinged up the walls a little in the overhaul process. No charge”.

Now I want you to put yourself in the homeowner’s shoes and imagine yourself saying “You should have brought me that entertainment system! The 8k projector with 15.1 surround sound and haptic butt-cheek feedback to embed in all my couch cushions!”

It’s kinda crazy… Let’s be honest. We’ve paid for the product, we have more than what we paid for, there is no agreement or statement of intent other than “I’ll be back with more”. At this point we have no right to have **expectations**. (elephant in the room here is there are still some things not in today’s product that were originally promised. I think that ship has sailed, and we’ve received a lot more of something different. The game took a different path, so let’s just leave it at that)

But don’t confuse that with **desires** or **wishes**.

We could say “Next time he comes back to add to the house it would be cool if we got that new entertainment system!”

We shouldn’t say “Next time he comes back to add to the house he should bring that new entertainment system!”


This post may seem superfluous but I think we forget to have perspective on things. Simple phrasing can change a person’s entire mood for a day, or a week. Imagine HG coming to read this sub and all they see are “WTF, why aren’t we getting ACTUAL content?” after they’ve worked so hard? That doesn’t make them feel good or motivated to continue when they could justifiably say “This is the last update. Later doods”. What would make them feel good is us being thankful while also daydreaming about future content. Seeing your playerbase riff off your game with new ideas is very motivating for creators. 🙂

So let’s continue to share what we hope to see, but let’s do it with tact and be gracious for what we’re continuing to get for free.

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I know ship hunting is important but... its kind of brutal that we cannot atleast modify an existing...

Thinking of the big picture you probably will never be able to obtain the starship that you dream of ever in your lifetime. The common saying is that exploration is a core aspect of the game and the player should keep exploring to find the ship they want, but there is a very brutal catch…

The world of NMS consists of 256 Galaxies, all with their hundreds of systems, who also have their handful of planets, the NMS world is so huge that you probably wouldn’t even be able to comb through it all in your whole lifetime even if you explored 24/7 without going to the bathroom or eating.

Now here is my point, I don’t intend to imply that HG should just allow us to build our own ship and make the whole exploring shtick useless, but atleast we should be able to work with something that is “good enough”. A Sentinel ship for instance, I find a good model with folding wings and belly horn but it has the ugly big wing stuck in its body? I should be able to remove it. I find a good one with the wrong colors? I should be able to change the paintjob.

No modifying the entire ship, but still be able to change a range of body parts and paint to better match what we want, I dont care if it would change it to C class or if it costed an unholy amount of Nanites, it would simply be another nice goal to chase at endgame.

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