Favorite Nanite farming method

Idk who needs to hear this but pirate system farming is my favorite way to get 10’s of thousands of nanites pretty quickly. It’s not hard to net 50+k in an hour. You do need a Units bankroll but salvaging a couple Interceptors is more than enough to get started.

Any time I’m exploring the galaxy or searching for the coolest Interceptor in the universe I’ll stop at a pirate system every 3-5 warps to buy out the Suspicious Packet stock (tech and weaponry) and check out the local solar ships.

If I need a pile of nanites quickly to upgrade a ship or something I’ll hit up pirate systems back to back. I go to the station vendor and buy all the tech and weapon packets, and then go to one trade depot and buy them out too. Then warp to the next system and do it again. Once I have a stack or two of each packet I open them all up and sell them to an upgrade vendor.

One stack of 50 nets around 16-17k nanites. You can get a stack of each, tech and weaponry, in about 5-6 warps. It’s FREE REAL ESTATE!

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I know ship hunting is important but... its kind of brutal that we cannot atleast modify an existing...

Thinking of the big picture you probably will never be able to obtain the starship that you dream of ever in your lifetime. The common saying is that exploration is a core aspect of the game and the player should keep exploring to find the ship they want, but there is a very brutal catch…

The world of NMS consists of 256 Galaxies, all with their hundreds of systems, who also have their handful of planets, the NMS world is so huge that you probably wouldn’t even be able to comb through it all in your whole lifetime even if you explored 24/7 without going to the bathroom or eating.

Now here is my point, I don’t intend to imply that HG should just allow us to build our own ship and make the whole exploring shtick useless, but atleast we should be able to work with something that is “good enough”. A Sentinel ship for instance, I find a good model with folding wings and belly horn but it has the ugly big wing stuck in its body? I should be able to remove it. I find a good one with the wrong colors? I should be able to change the paintjob.

No modifying the entire ship, but still be able to change a range of body parts and paint to better match what we want, I dont care if it would change it to C class or if it costed an unholy amount of Nanites, it would simply be another nice goal to chase at endgame.

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