NMS HOT POST 2021/05/13

I made a garage for my exocraft. Tried to keep it small but functional and life like. Oh and screw the mech exocraft build restriction to land only. What a pain. Tell me what you think!


NMS Skeptic...but now I'm a believer!

I had watched the launch of this fall flat and disregarded this game. However I heard rumours of patch spam and many improvements so I added it back to my faithful steam library and dived in…. WOW! This game is literally jaw droppingly good! Being a veteran from original Elite right through to ED and anything else space faring … I’d put this easily in the top 3 of all time space games.

The variety is incredible. The learning curve is ok. You can do whatever you want to do….fight, trade, build, explore. The only slight thing is lack of pvp but that’s probably down to the size of the game. It is massive….

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