NMS HOT POST 2021/06/7

Hello everyone! A group of us is currently building up on this awesome planet! The weather is perfect as well as low sentinel activity! Feel free to join in and stop by! The more, the better! The galaxy is Eissentam.


Unpopular opinion: Griefing groups shine a spotlight on an aspect of No Mans Sky that has gone under...

This is an unpopular opinion by me. It’s OK if you don’t agree. Please be civil in the comments. Also I’m on mobile so apologies for any strange formatting.

TLDR: We should not actively ignore griefers, we should instead think and talk about why and how bases are getting griefed, and how Hello Games could implement systems to better prevent it in the future.

The problem: Popular and iconic bases within player groups are getting griefed because of an exploit. Defending your base is next to impossible due to the way PVP and base building is currently implemented.

Possible solutions:

“Captian Obvious: Bug Fixes!”: Make it known to Hello Games that the base griefing exploit is a real and tangible issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Build permissions should be set to OWNER ONLY by default to help noob players.

“Sorry, we’re closed!”: Allow Base Owners to “Lockdown” their base, preventing any players from entering “locked” doors. Exiting should still be possible to avoid players getting locked in cages, another form of griefing. One way doors? “Emergency escape” hatch?

“Sorry, no multi-tool building allowed inside!”: For larger or “tourism” based builds, allow base owners to place “zones” where your Multi Tool Build Menu is inaccessible (Pressing up on the D-pad doesn’t open anything), like in Space Stations or the Anomaly, and building anything is impossible. Basically like a spectator mode but you can still mine rocks if you need resources. This one does not prevent the Terrain Manipulator grief, maybe disable the terrain manipulator while in range too? I dunno!

“PVP overhaul or update”: Personally, I don’t want fully realized PvP in NMS. It leads to toxic behavior and bullying in sandbox games like this. (Think ARK survival evolved alpha clans for example). Instead have PVP damage disabled by default, and allow players to enable it if they want to duke it out for fun with their friends.

Do you have any ideas? Please share them below. Remember this is a discussion thread, please keep it civil. Thank you for reading!

a meme I made to try to keep things light hearted

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