2021 - Battle for "Galactic Surveyor" - New Mods - Subreddit Updates

We’ve made it out of 2020 – and with that comes a host of changes for the subreddit for better long-term support! /u/Fluffy017 and I have been working behind the scenes to open up and further integrate the sub into other parts of the community. So here’s some updates:

  1. The subreddit wiki (here) has been updated and opened for limited editing by the community. Rules pages and resource guides remain mod-only. If you know of a community resource that isn’t a duplicate and you think should be linked, shoot us a modmail. If you have a guide to write, that’s the place to put it. The wiki is also a comprehensive resource on all meta-information for the subreddit.
  2. Weekly posts are back! We’re trying to strike a balance between rotating stickies and similar posts in /new. Here’s how they’ll work – each week, the theme of the stickied megathread will rotate, following this schedule:
    1. New Player Questions
    2. Screenshot Competition
    3. Deep Dive & Discoveries

This week will be the inaugural screenshot competition thread. If you have feedback or criticism about these topics, please also shoot us a modmail!

  1. More about those screenshot competitions – every three weeks, we’ll open up submissions for the venerable title of “Galactic Surveyor.” The winner will be granted a classy new user-flair!
  2. New moderators have been appointed. Please welcome /u/EvangelineOfSky, /u/monkeynose, /u/rattlehead71, and /u/NMS_JumpMaster to the team! They’ll be helping keep /new/ looking nice and free of lewd gek images.

So, without further ado, let the battle for “Galactic Surveyor” begin!

To enter, just post an image as a comment to this thread. The comment with the most upvotes on Monday, January 10th will be announced as the winner in next week’s thread. May the updoots be ever in your favor.

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