Can we give it up for HG? like fr

From the start, HG have listened to the requests of the community and delivered:

– People wanted more underwater diversity, a few months later Abyss drops.

– People requested different colored water/different colored grass be re implemented, a few months later Visions drops.

– People were asking for a space update maybe 2 smaller updates ago and here we are!

Time and time again the community will request an update for a specific area of the game and 1 or 2 updates later, it’s done. Not to mention all of the surprises they bring, like exocraft, The Nexus, ancient remains, fauna riding, m i l k, bytebeat, now the living ships, and many many more. So many features that the majority community wasn’t requesting but are very welcome.

They constantly deliver on what we ask for and even more beyond that.

And to all the people who have been requesting diversity updates (myself included), I just know they’re coming. If the past is any indication of what’s to come, diversity changes may not be in the next update, but they are coming. HG listens to us, they know what we’re asking for. Have faith that they’ll deliver like they have so many times in the past!

So, let’s take the opportunity to say Thank You HG for being an incredible team of devs!

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