Your worst planets

Your worst planets

We’ve all seen planets with crazy storms, or planets that are devoid of life, or ones with aggressive sentinels that shoot on sight. These are not that unusual. But every now and then, a planet pops up that is just so noxious that it gets permanently burned into your mind. These are the zero-star-rating planets that suck the joy out of the rest of the solar system.

Mine came many, many years ago when the game was first released. It was a beautiful garden planet teeming with life according to the scanners, almost no sentinels, and the first I found with floating islands. So I landed, got out of my ship…and died so fast I didn’t even have time to react.

I didn’t know it at first, but I was hit from behind and the sides by multiple predatory crabs and crab-mantises. And then I respawned, and died again, almost as fast.

I don’t even remember how I lived through the second respawning; I must have jumped in my ship fast enough to avoid the instadeath. And that’s when I saw them: dozens, literally dozens, of crabs and crab-mantises, all with super speed (I don’t think super speed crabs and crab-mantis predators are a thing anymore, or at least, I’ve not seen any in the last couple of updates).

I flew around for a bit, trying to find a safe landing spot, but everywhere I touched down there were predators around my ship and in the distance. Until I found a building by sheer luck, and was able to jump out and run for it. I turned around just inside the entrance, where you are far enough in to be safe from attack, but not far enough to disable your scanner. That’s when I got this screenshot:

Every one of those green dots is a predator, too. But only 5 were in range.

The entire planet was nothing but supercharged predators.

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