TIL: Nintendo has a history of impossible space exploration game ports.

I’m so surprised by No Man’s Sky on the Switch. It’s playable and not really all that limited. If, as Hello Games teased, multiplayer could get added, it would be an even more amazing feat.

Will I be sticking with Switch as the main driver for NMS? I’m not sure. It’s very serviceable though.

But, as I was looking into inspirations for No Man’s Sky today, I came across Elite. I had no idea, but Elite was ported to the NES. They had to do some work around in the cartridge. I know the OG Elite isn’t the same as games like Elite: Dangerous or No Man’s Sky…but man seeing 3D graphics on an NES (drawn wire frames) is interesting..and the game is still open ended and large in scope. It probably blew people’s minds!

I’m really happy Hello Games did port to the Switch. It’s a very nice way to dip my toes into this amazing, amazing game.

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Waypoint 4.06

Hello everyone, Thank you to everyone playing the Waypoint Update, especially those taking the time to report any issues they encounter via Zendesk or console crash reporting. We are listening closely to your feedback, and have identified and resolved a number of issues. These fixes are included in patch 4.06, which will be live on… View Article

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I slept on this game for far go long.

I tried getting this game on PC back in 2018-19. I found myself frustrated and not enjoying it at all, things like the inventory and feel of the game just didn’t feel right to me. All in all I logged maybe 1 hour 30 minutes?

Fast forward to just about a week ago, I have all these gamepass games and the new MW2 game and all I can think about is playing No Mans Sky. I played 8 hours straight. I haven’t done that to any game since 2011 just out of highschool. Hell I haven’t stayed up past 2am to game since 2009. Yet last night I found myself begrudgingly forcing myself to get off at 4am.

Its been so long since I’ve felt the wonder of gaming, the feel of whats just beyond the next hill.

This game might not be perfect but I think it does what a lot of games forget to do these days and just create fun. Nothing is to serious, yet the game can be as serious as I want it to.

I’d consider myself fresh as can be to, I’ve only made 1.5m credits and just made my first 6000 nanites, I’m still rocking the newbie ship with no extra goodies attached and I simply can’t find the time to settle down because the call to the next system drives me to see whats beyond.

Whenever No Mans Sky 2 comes along, I really think Hello Games will be in a better situation as a team both in organization and finances and I think then we will see all that No Mans Sky could ever be.

Also you guys as a community are great, so many people inviting me to party up, a few of you have stopped at my rinky dink little hut and waved or pointed at me. You guys have been a blast at making this big Univerae feel not so empty.

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