Just a quick Expedition #1 Pioneers guide

Hello there! No Man’s Sky is letting us replay old expeditions, each one lasting two weeks.

There are 7 days left for expedition #1, which rewards you with the Golden Vector spaceship, streamlined jetpack unit and the Golden First Spawn Battle Mask.

These rewards are unique to each expedition so it is worth getting them. Who knows if we will get another chance.

The free S-class ship you also get along the way is not transferrable, however its ugliness is made up for with great stats. Expedition 1 is especially worth it for newer players or perhaps veterans looking for a change of scenery.

Few things to note: Phases and milestones can be done in any order. Under menu and then expedition you can see each phase, milestone and the potential rewards. Finishing all milestones in each phase gives you one extra reward. Then a reward for all five phases (that rare golden spaceship).

Expeditions are started as a new game save then select expedition. Some people can do all five phases in a few hours. It took me12 hours, although I did mess around and avoided using other player bases to accumulate required items.

The main ship, jetpack and mask rewards can be used on all game saves. You just need to summon the Anomaly, then go inside and chat to the Quicksilver vendor. Select the reward you want to unlock and enjoy.

NOTE: Make sure you complete and claim all phase rewards on the expedition save before the next expedition begins on the 7th of December 2021. Clear inventory space to do so.

Any questions? I can try to help. Got about 130 hours on my main save so bit of a nerd.

*** Phase 1 ***

FIRST STEPS: Reach your starship. Use the visor and/or look for a ship icon on screen. Along the way you should collect resources as you need to repair your ship.

LIFT OFF: Leave the planet and head off into space. To take off, you need to fix the pulse drive and launch thrusters. Scan objects to find what you need.

Condensed carbon can be refined using the Portable Refiner (split the stack of carbon as you need some separate for fuel).

Di-hydrogen is used to make Di-hydrogen jelly. The rest is just found in nearby objects.

INTERSTELLAR: You need to use the hyperdrive to travel to another system. Open the galaxy map and travel along the expedition rendez vous route.

HOMECOMING: You can do this later but it does not matter. Land on a planet you like, deploy a base computer and make a basic enclosed structure (ceiling, floor, walls).

Once the mission is completed you can then use it for farming plants later or delete parts to get your components back.

NATURALIST: Use you visor to find 10 new species. New to you, not new to all players, so just look around planets for species and scan them using your visor.

CAPTAIN ON DECK: Acquire a capital ship, a freighter, requires you to warp to new systems. As you land, there is a chance you will have to save a freighter. Defeat the pirates, then board the ship after a quick communication with the captain. You can accept the freighter for free the first time.

If you intend on using this save as your main one, it can be worth jumping around a bit until you find a freighter type / class you like. You only get a freighter free once.

THE PILGRIM: Walk around. This will accumulate while exploring anywhere so no need to prioritise this milestone.

RENDEZVOUS 1: Use the galaxy map and follow the quest route to a system with the icon that indicates the rendezvous point. You will need antimatter housing and antimatter to create warp cells, which recharge the hyperdrive, for jumping between systems.

Use the visor to walk to the spot once in the correct system. If you see a direction arrow, change course until both sets of yellow lights turn on. Then head straight.

Get close enough and the visor will start a scan for the exact location. Once you arrive it will let you know you have.

*** Phase 2 ***

RENDEZVOUS 2: Same deal as before. Use the galaxy map to reach the system them use the visor to navigate to the exact spot.

FARMER: As you arrive in some systems and near rendezvous locations, you may see player bases. Some will have setup farms that you can harvest the plants from. You need to harvest 20 plants. Haz-mat Gauntlet gloves are necessay so unlock the technology and then create them in your exosuit.

If you cannot find a player base with plants to pick for whatever reason, you will need to unlock the Frostwort plant (fastest to grow) and build a few trays to grow them in.

Frostwort grows every two hours so you will need 40 hours for 20 harvests from one seed or two hours from 20 seeds etc. Build all this in your base.

FIRST CONTACT: Discover a brand new system. This means a system no other player has been to so I would suggest doing this later or use a black hole and go off piste.

EVENT HORIZON: Speaking off which, this task requires you to find a black hole. Speak to the Gek guy Polo in the Space Anomaly you can summon for black hole locations. Then travel to that system and fly through it.

Remember to come back or getting to your next rendezvous point will be a long trip. Warp in a space station back to your previous system or nearby.

ROCKETMAN: Fly for 20 seconds. You can cheese this by jetpacking for 20 seconds in a space station, upgrade your jetpack and find a very deep chasm and/or go to a planet with critical conditions and let the windy storms float you to success.

RED SKIES: Visit a red star. This means installing and building a Cadmium Drive. Then look for a red star system in the galaxy map with no filter engaged.

MONEYBAGS: Earn 2,000,000 units. By the end of this expedition you will have done this. Just the storm crystal collection alone will make you plenty of money. No need to farm money or worry too much.

*** Phase 3 ***

RENDEZVOUS 3: Same as rendezvous 2 and 1.

THE COLLECTOR: Dig up thee artifacts. These need to be three alien artifacts. Apparently treasure from derelict freighters counts so you could do this later as part of the required derelict freighter challenge (not to be confused with a crashed freighter on a planet surface).

If you want to do this earlier or whatever, buy cartographic data from inside a space station. Specifically, navigation data for planetary charts of ancient artifact sites.

Once you arrive, you just have to dig up thee ancient keys then use these to open the underground container. Inside will be an alien artifact.

CLUSTER HORDE: There are many ways to earn nanites. By the end of the expedition you will have accumulated more than 2,000 so no need to prioritise this milestone.

LIGHTSHOW: Acquire an A-class multi-tool. You get an S-class multi-tool from another milestone so no need to buy one.

COMPANIONSHIP: Adopt three companions. You need to create thee creatue pellets then feed them to wild creatures. If you do not get the option to feed, it cannot be a companion.

If you do get the option, select adopt as companion. More companion slots can be bought inside the companion registrar.

Companions can also be deleted here if you wish to save yourself the nanite cost of additional companion slots.

EMERALD DREAMS: Visit a green star. To do so you need the Emeril drive. Install it using Cadmium found on planets in red systems. Then find a geen system on the galaxy map and warp there.

SPACE ODDITY: Encounter three space anomalies. These appear as you warp between planets. There is a warning and you can disengage from warp to see it.

Space anomalies include that weird space jellyfish and Atlas thing. Not traders. This is likely to accumulate as you complete the expedition.

*** Phase 4 ***

RENDEZVOUS 4: Yeah, you know the drill. Just make sure you did not travel through a blackhole and never return as that will ruin your journey.

LINGUAPHILE: Learn 15 alien words. Just speak to aliens in stations (not shopkeepers) and choose to learn some dialect. Two or thee stations, which you can warp between using the station portal, should be enough. And/or find knowledge stones on planets. These appear in your visor.

THE GOOD SHIP: Acquire an A-class ship. Go into a space station and wait in the landing area. Find a ship of the starter variety at A-class and buy it. Haulers and fighters are more expensive.

You can use the visor to see what class a ship is without talking to the pilot. Player ships cannot be bought, just NPC ships.

BLUE EXPANSE: Visit a blue star. Now you need to install the Indium Drive on your ship. Requires Emeril to do so, found in green systems and maybe elsewhere the No Man’s Sky community can suggest below. Player bases setup around rendezvous points may have Emeril, Cadmium and other useful stuff. Then look for a blue system and warp to it.

NEST ROBBER: Steal 10 whispering eggs. You need to find abandoned outposts as around the edge are whispering eggs. Break an egg and you will unleash alien creatures that are not especially friendly.

Use the terrain manipulator to create a tunnel below the eggs and then crack them open. Watch as the aliens cannot reach you and those eggs roll down to your feet. Airless planets can also provide whispering eggs if I recall correctly.

UNCHARTED: Map three star systems. This means visiting three systems you are the first to visit. So go into the galaxy map, then select free route and go off piste away from the main path. The less travelled, the better. Going through a black hole can help with this.

Alternatively, get to the last rendezvous point as there will be fewer players who made it this far. Especially if you are among the first to start an expedition.

FAMOUS EXPLORER: Reach rank 16. In space stations you can do missions. Do them for the explorer’s guild as this is what you need to rank up. Jump between space stations using the station portal and get as many easy missions as possible (scan fauna etc). Then go out and do them.

If the explorer’s guild missions are not an option, you may need to raise standing with the Gek race. Use Gek Geknip bought from space traders or planetary trade outposts and maybe other places I have forgotten. Gift 5 or 6 of them on a Gek in a space station to reach the required standing rank.

CLEANSED BY FIRE: Complete a derelict freighter. These are found in space. I had a scanner in my inventory for finding one of these. Warping around systems until one shows up is also a valid tactic. You need to have checked out all three displays during a freighter mission. Use the teleporter at the last display to exit faster.

You may also need to explore every area so just walk around a lot. I do not think you need to fight/kill the aliens on some freighters (others have ceiling guns).

Use the healing lights to recharge your shield. Go in with ion batteries to do emergency shield recharges. If you must kill the aliens, make them spawn and retreat into a doorway. Fire from there like the big coward, I mean sensible player you are.

*** Phase 5 ***

RENDEZVOUS 5: Same as before. Except this is the fifth and final one. Good job.

THE SURVIVOR: Walk 5,000u on extreme worlds. Find a planet with extreme conditions where crazy storms happen. Run around and keep that shield recharged. If something goes wrong, use the terrain manipulator to burrow into the earth deep enough to stop the pain. Collect 12 storm crystals while you are here as that is another (lucrative) challenge.

BOUNDARY FAILURE: Kill 25 sentinels. Do this milestone earlier as it gives you a lovely S-class multi-tool. You can use a base to hide inside once you have taken too much sentinel heat.

Or strafe a lot and ensure you have at least one exosuit shield upgrade. You can build up sentinel forces to level three or so then jump in your spaceship and blast them from on high. Are of effect weapons such as the rocket launcher work best.

Walkers are defeatable from the ground if you hide behind a rock and remove its armour points one by one. Upgrading weapons will help here. Do not stop moving when the Walker is in its missile rain phase.

THE JACKPOT: Make 500,000 in one sale. Just sell an item or few for more than 500,000. 12 storm crystals, for instance, or some of the ancient artifacts. Taking apart your ship could also work via the scrap feature in the space station.

LOST IN SPACE: Discover an abandoned system. These are not to be confused with unexplored systems, which do not have a station. Install the economy and conflict scanners on your ship (buy the technologies from the Space Anomaly), then go to the galaxy map.

You want a system with 1 star of economy, barely any conflict, a space station and it has to be undiscovered by another player. The milestone will complete upon entry. Abandoned systems have eerily empty space stations to check out.

THE NAVIGATOR: Chart 16 waypoints. These are those spinny save poles found on planet surfaces. To do this quickly, jump in your spaceship and fly around, using the scanner as you go.

Land at blue building icons that will pop up from time to time. Do not bother landing at sites without the spinny save poles. Scanning on moons will work faster as buildings etc are more densely packed together.

More industrialised systems are said to have a higher frequency of relevant buildings too but I did not verify this.

STORMY SKIES: As previously mentioned, this milestone involves finding 12 storm crystals. These can only be harvested during a storm hence the name. So find a planet where they exist and run around in deadly toxic rain or firestorms until you have the required amount.

To find extreme planets, look for planets with ‘activated’ materials using your scanner when in space. These materials are worth more to sell and so the game balances this with more extreme conditions, storms, aggressive sentinels and more expensive coffee. Okay, not that last one.

Red, green and blue systems can yield a higher chance of the extreme planets you need. Just remember that you need the relevant ship warp parts fitted.

Systems with fancy materials, in particular lovely expensive activated indium, but a lack of extreme conditions make sense for bases. Especially if it is a moon. My activated indium farms make 144 million per day.

Anyway, complete all phases and the phase 5 reward is that golden vector spaceship. Enjoy! Hopefully this guide helps players during the 7-day countdown.

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Frontiers Patch 3.71

Hello everyone, Thank you to everyone playing the Frontiers Update, especially those taking the time to report any issues they encounter via Zendesk or console crash reporting. We are listening closely to your feedback, and have identified and resolved a number of issues. These fixes are included in patch 3.71, which will be live on… View Article

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I'm Playing "Scavenger Mode" in Permadeath - No Money-Making or Spending Allowed.

After hundreds of hours in Normal and Survival modes doing the usual money-making and base-building, I decided to try playing the game a different way, what I’m calling scavenger mode in my first Permadeath save.

The main idea is that I will not be doing anything to make money, I will not be buying any items through galactic trade terminals, and I will not be purchasing upgrades from vendors at space stations. I will acquire nearly everything in the wild: mainly by mining and finding things on planets. I can also acquire materials by robbing freighters and sentinel depots, or fighting sentinels or pirates. New ships cannot be bought. They must be obtained by finding crashed or sunken starships and either fixing them up or scrapping them for their upgrades. New multi-tools also cannot be bought. They must be found in the wild, such as in crashed ships or given to me by NPCs.

I have allowed myself to use nanites to buy blueprints at the Anomaly because some of the really useful blueprints are nearly impossible to find in the wild or through the storyline. The only thing I’ve spent units on is exosuit storage slots, although I’ve also acquired many of my slots by finding and fixing drop pods. Essential items such as life support gel and ion batteries must be crafted. I may allow myself to do occasional Nexus missions for difficult to find and uncraftable items like wiring looms.

So far, I’ve been doing pretty well for myself. I have:

  1. A nice B-class hopper explorer that I found and fixed up, along with another B-class explorer and hauler that I may fix up as well.

  2. After many hours of getting by with my starter multi-tool, an NPC inside a building gave me a new B-class pistol with 21 slots. It was heavily damaged of course, but I’ve been able to fix every damaged piece except for two now.

  3. I finally was gifted a decent freighter after a pirate battle: B-class with 30 slots. Just what I needed after struggling to manage materials in my limited exosuit and ship storage.

  4. Mostly, I’ve maintained a savings of less than 1 million units. I’m now up to 5 million but only because I scrapped some found ships for their upgrades.

I’ve been spending most of my time on hot planets because I found an S-class heat protection in some damaged machinery. I’m letting the things that I find dictate to some extent the paths that I take in the game.

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Expedition Four: Emergence

Hello Everyone! As the end of October approaches, we are thrilled to announce a new seasonal event for No Man’s Sky. Expedition Four: Emergence begins today, and will run over the course of Halloween! This is our first Expedition to feature a narrative, and is also a mini-update, bringing with it a host of enhancements… View Article

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Built a stadium complete with working scoreboards that go from 0 to 99 (Creative mode, Euclid)


I designed this to be a fast paced “hockey with guns instead of sticks” type of game. It’s on a low gravity moon for maximum physics kick to the ball.

The scoreboards go from 0-99 but you can actually play to higher scores as the system wraps back to 0 after 99. If a shorter game is desired, just shoot the reset button above either scoreboard display to wipe both scores after you’ve reached your goal to start a new game.

There is a glass bottom platform hovering above surrounding the sphere creator for any spectators/referees. On it is buttons to reset the ball to center court and a switch to override the light sensor (solar panel hooked to an inverter) for the colored lights on the sides of the stadiums if you’d like them on constantly.

If the ball gets fouled (knocked out of the stadium), there are also ball reset buttons on the bottom of the referee platform that can be shot to activate.

Best weapons to have on your multi-tool are mining beam, boltcaster, pulse spitter, and scatter blaster. Each has it’s use.

Weapons to leave behind: plasma launcher (amazingly it usually barely moves the ball), geology cannon (same), and the blaze javelin (fully charged it packs as much punch as a pea shooter to the ball).

The glyphs are in the pics. Hope some of you at least enjoy it and please do let me know if there are any rendering issues or other problems (some parts may lose their custom color.. I had issues with having to “repaint” pieces while building).

Any and all feedback is welcome including ideas for improvement, bugs, frame rate issues, etc. Built it on a PS4 Pro and it runs smooth for me, your milage may vary as it’s pushing the edge of the upload limit.

BTW, this was done without any glitch building techniques, all since Frontiers, with mostly legacy concrete parts (they color nice and don’t have context sensitive weirdness).


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No Mans Sky is an outstanding experience but a pretty boring video game

I really really like this game. I’ve been playing it for years on and off, returning after every major update to see the state of things, and to explore the new things.

I love the idea of having this massive sandbox shared experience, where coincidentally anybody can stumble upon my little bases I scattered, mines, etc. I also love flying around the stars in my ship, discovering new planets, finding weird animals, plants, geography. However as a game, it is kind of disappointing. Other than coming up with new bases and messing around with game mechanics, there isn’t much to do at this point.

Often I feel like I am simply in a museum, a massive tech demo of sorts, where I can look at things I’m meant to look at, playing with the interactive exhibits, checking out other interlopers creations, but I keep running into barriers. This newest update made me realize how little interactions I actually have with the universe of no mans sky. Settlement management is basically a waiting game, and I guess if I start a new game now, and have the settlement in the background it’s not as bad that I only have a little tiny choice or have to bring materials every few hours, but I just don’t like how the game forces me to wait.

As I mentioned, I love the spaceships in this game, but their differences are basically just cosmetic. It’s nice to have different types of ships, like hauler and fighter, but why bother? Get a massive hauler and put all the tech you ever want into it, even at it’s most basic it will be able to fend off every pirate. I fly a buff A class fighter, but there is just absolutely nothing to hunt that would make me break a sweat. Same with multi-tools and all the weapons mods one can have, the battle is just lackluster, and I do know it is not a fighting focused game, it’s still giving me a feeling of how good it could be.

Most missions, let it be from the space station or from the nexus, are just go here, pick this up/shoot these things, and come back. They are more of a chore than a proper video game mission. I know this is a procedurally generated game, but I’d enjoy some scripted-like battles or multi-tiered missions.

Making your freighter be awesome is also kind of pointless, since as soon as I have a teleporter on deck, I can just zoom back to any base I want, where I can have whatever I could put on the freighter, and more. Okay, calling in your exocraft anywhere is great, but I’d love to fly my freighter for example, or even part take in some missions with them. Same for the missions with your vessels, they are just a waiting game, and bring back basically money, which I need not after becoming a billionaire from activated indium and living glass. Ah, and exocrafts, one of the most useless things in the game unfortunately, while being extremely cool. But again, they are virtually indistinguishable from each other, or have limitations that just makes me not want to use them even when I would like to (I’d love to jump in my mech on a planet with a deadly atmosphere and go around looking for things, but I can’t use my visor from within and have to jump out constantly, and the controls are terribly inaccurate).

Base building is the other topic I feel ambiguous about. There are some great elements and I’ve seen some incredibly creative bases, but again, they are but showpieces for others, others who will never find it on their own due to the vast size of the galaxies. Building is also too limited, why can’t I flip things vertically for example? Barely anything to interact with? Only like, one chair actually usable? Also, why would I want to build any base, if I never have to actually do anything with it? Even others insane builds looks dead and abandoned with no inhabitants and nothing to do in them other than marvel at their construction. Creating a useful base is basically for farms or mines, which quickly become useless after you break a billion credits or set up big enough mines. I am also disappointed with the terraforming, as land can just “grow back” and its inconsistency with other players, etc. I would love to make underground secret bases, but lest I find a cave, good riddance.

I do know there is a central group of players in the HUB, who organize events and stay close together, but maybe I’ve been doing it wrong, or it’s just too much effort to participate, but somehow I miss events and things to do with other players, and I even have some friends who also play NMS, but yet we are hard pressed to find anything to do together.

Expeditions are interesting, but I don’t want to start a new game just to experience them. Abandoned freighter missions are a very good direction the game took, but they are hardly worth it and are imho quite repetitive and easy. I think Hello Games should embrace the players who are past the novelty and excitement of simply existing and discovering the world, or simply want a more extrinsically or socially motivated experience in the game, as the mechanics are there and ready to be utilized. Race tracks with actual player/ghost races, with more customization and useful upgrades to vehicles would make exocrafts more interesting, proper, hello games supported/embraced server-like systems with many players working on common builds, racing, terraforming together could be elevating this game to sandbox exploration games like minecraft, while keeping the experience of the current fanbase and “classic” players as well. Imagine having to defend your base on some hostile planets against raiding vykeen assaults, fending off natural predators or crazed sentinels. Defense buildings and emergency exits. Imagine system-wide multiplanet battles between player factions in a massive game of capture the flag or conquest. Mechs firing away while fighter ships zoom by bombing the land between jetpacking interlopers. Incredible, high speed races on volcanic planets with fauna hungry for players. Common bases belonging to a faction with a multitude of bases inside, etc.

The universe of this game is so big, I’m sure it wouldn’t be disruptive for anyone wanting to keep the current experience, but it could draw in much more people and keep the game interesting for the ones looking for a challenge.

What do you think?

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