First Permadeath-death experience

I went in knowing this could be bad.

Welp. It happened. I’m guessing I put in at least 30 hours. I progress really slow, cause I like to farm and grind a lot, my exosuit was still kinda weak with technology. It was touch and go for the first few hours, figuring out how to survive. After getting some batteries and life support cells, I was past the surviving part and moving on to getting the good stuff. I scored on a hot rod star ship and was mostly about getting it maxed out.

I was sure I could brave any extreme planet, I was doing fairly well with keeping a good stock to keep my tech charged. I just left an extreme planet with 606 F super heated storms to get some good resources and made a sweet new animal companion there that was following me around for a couple hours.

So I got what I needed, went to a new system to buy new tech, scanned planets and found a new extreme planet to land on with an extreme storm already happening and thundering. I seized the moment to start getting storm crystals, despite barely being able to see with the storm, but I can see the flashing storm crystals. Then I guess a third storm was announced on top of the two already happening, as soon as I started grabbing storm crystals, which I didn’t think three storms was possible.

It was a wind storm with barely time to react, even if I were to dig a tunnel, I was immediately swept up. I was already a couple hundred meters away from my ship when I got picked up. I knew I was in trouble, frantically trying to use my jet pack as I’m being tossed around trying to avoid hitting the ground. Trying to get out was not happening either. I have been in wind storms before and I purposely jumped in and had fun with it, but this wind, even I tried to run, was not letting me go. Losing sight of my ship, I panicked, fumbling controls; I kept myself from hitting the ground a couple times. I was trapped by a hillside and before long, slammed me on the side of it, I heard “shield down” and the screen faded to black. I took a couple minutes to process what just happened.

Maybe I can take it as a learning experience. Though when you’re in permadeath, anything can blindside you at a moments notice. I’m guessing the lack of exosuit upgrades and underestimating damage taken in permadeath was my fatal mistake. I nearly ended my game when I got overzealous with the jet pack and miscalculated a drop just over a hill. It wasn’t a long drop, but I was down to a sliver of life.

I don’t know if a maxed out exosuit will tank a long fall, or save you from being slammed from a wind storm.

Now that I got that off my chest, I feel a bit better. I guess when you get knocked off, you get back on that horse. Maybe a bit more weary about acting reckless, in permadeath anyways.

I think the next approach, I’ll focus more on maxing out health and damage protection and less finicky about flashy starships. Being more cautious about extreme planets as well. I learned you can be taken by surprise and most threats on other modes are not a joke when playing in this mode. Better luck next time I guess.

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88 Hours In My Permadeath Save...

Less than 5kly from the galactic centre. Suit fully upgraded, S class fighter fully upgraded, 100 million units in the bank.

Found myself an unmapped world in a mapped system, figured I’d build a base there to mark it. SUUUUUPER toxic world, but NBD – I’ve built bases in worse places. Found an S class power hotspot right next to my landing zone too, but it’s deep underwater so I have to go diving. I’m down there getting my wiring sorted out when the pizza I’ve ordered for the kids shows up, so I pause the game and go get it. Dish it up for the kids, they disappear back up to their bedrooms to eat, and I sit back down to finish off my base….

Turns out I didn’t pause.

Turns out, I’m back at the menu screen.

Turns out, I get to start again.


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NMS really needs to update the flight mechanics.

If you’ve ever played star citizen then you might agree. Star citizen completely blows NMS out of the water in terms of ship flight. There are many things NMS could do such as, allow for complete stops and not just a constant idle speed. Allow decoupled mode as in star citizen to allow for more maneuvers in zero gravity. Personally when I’m fighting pirates I just sit in one spot and tank them until they’re all taken out. There is no point to even trying to move while fighting them.

This is my biggest issue in the game, the flight is totally outdated. I play on steam now but still have my original pre ordered ps4 copy. Love the game but I would really enjoy this being the next big update. I dont think anything else could improve the game more than this would.

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