I got a walker brain!

Weeks ago I learned the blueprint for a conflict scanner, but I couldn’t finish installing it because I needed a walker brain. I left it unfinished in my ship, flashing at me as a reminder.

Yesterday I was on a planet with aggressive sentinels, and decided to pick a fight to see if I could get a walker brain. One important thing to note is up to this point I thought a ‘walker’ was the quad-leg dog sentinel. I’ve killed one or two of them before and only received a quad servo, but I thought maybe you got different things, and I was just unlucky not to get a brain. (Trying not to laugh at myself as I type this.)

So I start a fight with the sentinels, and after killing two of the dogs and getting quad servos I start to get annoyed at what I think is my bad luck, when I hear the announcement that a sentinel walker was on the way. I finally clued in to the fact that what I thought was a walker was not in fact a walker, and I needed to quickly come up with a plan.

I’m sure there are better ways to kill walkers, but I jumped into my ship and took off, and spent the next few minutes flying low and slow passes above the walker while strafing it with my photon cannon. Eventually I killed the walker, got its brain, and now I have a working conflict scanner.

This game is so fun!

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I really wish HG would start actually tieing up loose ends instead of adding a new one every update.

Pretty much the title. Guess I will have to wait until next year to actually see this game go somewhere.

We got spaceships but no true variation, or even modding/crafting. Not even species/faction related ships.

We got freighters but they are a flying inventory box combined with an annoying-to-access timer management minigame.

We have factions and races, but there is zero interaction between the two.

We have crafting, but literally zero use for hightech components.

We got derelict freigthers, but once you see two you have pretty much seen them all.

We got expeditions, yet I completed the last one in a relaxed weekend session so that’s essentially nothing for now.

We got combat, but effectively 4 mobile enemy types and maybe the same number of hazardous fauna which is the same on every planet. Why even have shooting when there’s nothing to shoot at?

We got bases, but nothing to do in them aside from stacking biodomes and placing a large refiner. Settlements are even worse in that regard: you expand it so you… can expand it more? Purely cosmetic changes that aside from eating some resources change nothing in how I interact with the game.

And after 5 years there still is no worthwhile lategame activity. There is no hunting for ship parts/gear. There is nothing rewarding you for the grind for the species/factions. There are no possible mammoth projects one could try to tackle, like expanding your settlement to the point where you can (extreme example) have them start building your own custom freigther. There is not even rare “fashion” to chase down to flex on others in the anomaly with your surpreme sense of aesthetics (or shameless lack thereof, Warframe’s fashion game sure was one crazy mess sometimes).

Every part of this game is just another weird isolated extra-piece that barely fits with each other, and somewhere someone has tried to cram in random story beats with a crowbar or something. The potential is definetly there, this car could definetly go super-turbo-speed with a right do-over of the engine and the gears. But instead watch them install a bluetooth-capable cupholder. It’s so infuriating to see all this potential and HG doing effectively jack shit with it.

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