I'm trying to stay unspoiled but I gotta gush

So, I’m trying to stay unspoiled and slowly play through No Man’s Sky at my own pace for the first play through or so. I jump into a new system and start looking at the planets and see one labeled, “Cabled.” And I’m like, “Wat.” I just gotta go look. I’m thinking, “It’s really close to the star, maybe that has to do with it…?”

I swoop down and I instantly get goosebumps. WTF ARE THOSE?! The balls, the war of the world looking walker-ish things. So many ball looking things! I’m instantly getting flash backs to The Matrix and how the surface looked then. ARE THERE PEOPLE IN THOSE BALLS?!

I just fly along the surface, too scared to land. There’s little nodules on the sides of some of those balls, are they lasers? If I land, are they gonna cut my ship to ribbons?

Finally, it cuts over from night to day and I get up the courage to land. I’m terrified that I’m going to like, wake up the planet and the entire thing is going to blast me into smithereens for daring to land on the planet of the balls. However, I land without issue and quickly start scanning the balls. “Inorganic material” and “Plantlife” and I’m like… “Huh. Okay. Well, maybe that’s just a limitation of the game engine. It could still like, wake the giant war-of-the-worlds looking MFs if I poke one.”

Eventually, I do get up the courage to poke one. It’s at this point my relief washes over me as I’m not immediately incinerated. Just a funny looking rock as far as the game is concerned. Okay. Fair enough.

Though, now, in my head I’m inventing lore upon lore about how that world came to be. I still steer clear of it, just because it’s still creepy AF but it’s been a while since a game has triggered my imagination so hard that I legitimately felt fear.

I still wonder… Could that be a Korvax hive world? A world given over completely to computation and memory storage? When I mined that one ball, did I incinerate the stored memories of millions of Korvax? Did I kill digital Korvax babies?!

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I think if Crashed Freighters and Ancient Ruins got their own instanced dungeon it would be really c...

Title pretty much says it all. Personally, I think it’s extremely disappointing when there’s hardly anything to do with crashed freighters and ancient ruins besides a bit of digging for items that aren’t even that valuable.

If they both got the instanced dungeon treatment like derelict freighters have I think that’d be exciting. Then crashed freighters and ancient ruins found under water could be different than their above ground counterparts.

Ancient Ruins could deal with a lot of archaeological discovery, using the terrain manipulator to dig into rooms and uncover chests and the like. Keep the finding keys to open up the big chest mechanic as well.

Crashed Freighters could be nearly the same as derelict freighters except the dungeon could be on its side or off kilter and with more hazards like loose wires and fires. More navigation with the jetpack would be required.

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An idea for the future of No Man's Sky

Hello there

I love No Man’s Sky, and I think it’s incredibly rich in content. I’m just over 300 hours into the game and have completed all the challenges/accomplishments. However, I still want to play it, but every time I do, my gaming sessions come to a halt rather quickly, due to a lack of objectives.

That’s why I’ve had this idea in my head for a while, where No Man’s Sky could make its universe more lively and dynamic by creating more indirect interaction between players.

Let me explain: my idea is simply to create an in-game Guild system to bring communities together under a single banner.

Then, a guild would have to be able to conquer a star system, by destroying specific targets on the ground or in space. By default, these systems would be defended by the npc and then by the conquering guild.

These defenses could be strengthened/improved by the guild players’ investment of resources/money.

There could be a guild experience level per player, with guild rewards (similar to current community rewards).

I know that No Man’s Sky is not a PvP / war game. However, Hello Games continues to develop and improve combat and space battles. What’s more, it wouldn’t be direct frontal PvP, but more indirect, a bit like Ogame.

And the No Man’s Sky universe is vast enough to be enjoyed outside any guild-controlled zone.

I’d be curious to see how many systems a guild would be able to conquer.

I wonder if many of you would appreciate this feature in the game?

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