A PSA for anyone who has heard about the money glitch. Don't use it.

As a Day 1 player, this is mostly for the newer players. Yes, you can use a glitch to give infinite money/nanites. But please don’t. It will ruin the experience for you. NMS is about exploring the galaxy, and building from the ground up. Quite literally in some players cases.

Having instant access to everything defeats the purpose of playing it, as there’s suddenly nothing left to strive for. I’ve seen a few friends take this route, and the game got old for them real fast. A few started new games and are still here thankfully, but the rest just simply got bored.

This isn’t a post telling you how to play the game. It’s just an old Traveller sharing his opinion. Take it as you will, fellow Travellers, and I’ll see you in the stars.

Edit: It appears this has now been patched.

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