Are we supposed to attack each other at the start of Expedition 2?

So I start Expedition 2 and spawn as a handsome blue and yellow Vy’keen, out in the middle of nowhere on Tibertant Alpha. All is right with the world- I do some gathering and crafting, then stumble upon a crashed freighter and start ripping open cargo pods for the sweet loot inside.

Four cargo pods later, another player shows up and almost immediately starts shooting at me, knocking me down to 2/3rds health before I could get away- and once I did, they kept following me, shooting at me when I’d use my jetpack too much.

I got a good head start though, running straight up some cliff walls and even stopping to gather from a patch of Indium before reaching my ship, a delightful blue and yellow hauler. I almost completely fix it up- but I’m short some dihydrogen, so I get out and mine a nearby patch, only to get spotted by 3 angry sentinels. Just then, my assailant shows up having followed me over 1,600u, so I hop in my ship, toss in the dihydrogen, and take off.

Looping back around, I spot three angry sentinels firing out laser blasts at my former assailant, so I figured I’d get some revenge with my Photon Cannons, chasing them across a valley before it was reported in text on the screen that they had died in combat from ship fire.

I flew into space immediately, naming my ship “The Immediate Vengeance” and feeling like one very triumphant Vy’keen.

Am I playing this right?

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