the worst part of the patch isn't the tech stacking change

That is only the 2nd worst part.

The worst part is having TECH at the TOP of the F#*$ing inventory.

Even with removable tech, it is not going to be changing enough to be positioned at the top.

It should be underneath the main inventory so we don’t have to scroll past it to get to the stuff at the bottom of the inventory.

edit: forgot to add, the THIRD worst change is the loss of the manual save.

We can still make manual saves, but it is overwritten by exiting a vehicle.

We only have 2 options, the autosave which we have no control over, and either manual save/exit ship whichever comes later. No more leaving an old manual save in case of emergency or backup.

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Waypoint 4.03

Hello everyone, Thank you to everyone playing the Waypoint Update, especially those taking the time to report any issues they encounter via Zendesk or console crash reporting. We are listening closely to your feedback, and have identified and resolved a number of issues. These fixes are included in patch 4.03, which will be live on… View Article

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On the recent inventory changes:

First, shut up about things being “overpowered”.

People aren’t complaining an overpowered thing got nerfed/balanced. People are complaining that they worked 100+ hours for upgrades that are now functionally useless. Going “well it was overpowered anyways” is a complete non-argument when the game is fundamentally noncompetitive. If you work hard to minmax in the game, that is a completely valid playstyle and the schadenfreude displayed to extremely powerful, finely tuned setups being ruined is completely baffling.

Now onto ideas:

Personally I’d prefer that the tech slots be expanded a past the current 30, and probably more critically have better synergies/a higher overload capacity. Having up to 6 modules would be nice if two separate inventories aren’t feasible, but honestly in the longer term having more extensive and meaningful synergy interactions across more modules in a single tech inventory would be great and a huge step up from the annoying inventory trade-offs for hyperdrive range, scanner functionality, etc. Fundamentally, I’m totally in favor of a unified inventory, it’s just that this really should have been a move to raise, and not lower the ceiling (x-class modules were a really great example imo). Hopefully future patches and updates will build on this framework, instead of just rolling back all the changes and eliminating the promise this new system could hold.

On the off chance HG ends up reading this as part of community feedback scouting:

You guys have done an amazing job pushing out content for this game, but you need to be really careful not to let the near-universal praise goad you into assuming anything is going to fly. The updates thus far have been very much additive and focused on expansion which is why they’ve been so positively received, but when working on an overhaul that can wipe out hundreds of hours of work you really need to do some more community consultation. Just because your vision and what the community’s interests are have aligned thus far is not a guarantee that they’ll continue to do so, and I really hope that you all keep up the trend of being great with feedback consideration and adjust accordingly. I have nothing but respect for the hard work you have done, and continue to do – I would hate to see any of it go to waste, and if you’d like an example of good community engagement without destroying hype for updates (or in their case DLCs), I’d strongly recommend taking a look at how the RimWorld dev goes about things.

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