There's nothing better than "permadeath" with scarce resources to make you appreciate the ...

When I first started playing a few months ago I was in normal mode and got insanely lucky. In the first
couple weeks I had an exotic land right in front of me in a space station and I had *just* enough to buy it with trade-in. The first freighter I was offered was an “S” class. And then not long after that I found a second exotic (a yellow and gold royal.) I even found a star system with three awesome planets (Bountiful, Tropical, Paradise.) For a while it was fun but got boring pretty quickly.

I kept that save but decided to start another one on permadeath with the difficulty ratcheted up a bit. MUCH harder and definitely frustrating, but a lot of fun! A lot more animals attack me on planet surfaces and pirates definitely seem more skilled in fights (a couple times I barely made it out alive after prolonged battle, when in my other save I’d dispatch them in less than a minute.)

I think I am just over 15 hours into it and still hanging in there. I have an “A” class fighter for a ship, and have not seen a single “S” class anything. I’ve only been offered one freighter so far and it was a “C.” I was in two other battles where I could have been offered a freighter but accidentally shot them while fighting the pirates and then had to deal with pirates AND sentinels with no reward for it. The struggle is real. Me in my other save: “Oh look, another exotic. I’ll add it to my collection.” Me now: “OMG is that sodium?! WOO HOO!”

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NMS Megathread for Q&A, Item Requests/Offers and Friend Requests, etc. Whatever you need, this M...

Hey Everyone,

This is a Megathread for all the people of the sub. If you have questions, Ask away. If you need anything just ask. This is uniform thread where you can ask for pretty much anything (from Questions to Nip Nip) that will be live 24/7 all year around and refreshed every couple of days.

This Megathread is closely monitored by me so if you have a question that no one has answered, don’t worry I will personally get back to you in a reasonable time. I will always be keeping a close eye so no naughty business please.

To make things little bit easier if you could help us make distinction between type of posts that would be great, Which brings us too …


– If you are asking a questions please post your question like so : [Question] …. Your Post ….

– If you are requesting something an item, money, etc. please post like so : [Request] …. Your post ….

– If you are requesting something, please do not post your friend code in your post. PM/DM them to the person who is helping you. It will prevent people trolling and Griefing your saves.

Helpful Links:

– If you need a specific ship, Multitool, Freighter, Frigates or anything a specific color or kind please check out our friends at r/NMSGlyphExchange. They also have a variety of different guides from Freighters to Multitool so if you need help with acquiring something, head right on over there.

– If you are Looking for all 16 glyphs on one planet, You can find them in this Guide

And as always, please be civil, be kind and be helpful.

Please Follow all the Sub and Post rules and Thank you all so much!

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