~100 hours and done


Not a dig at the game, 100 hours for the price I paid for this game a few months after release is absolutely a bargain in terms of price per hour entertainment. I believe I paid £6 after the initial scathing reviews tanked nms sales, but I believed in the developers statement that they would bring the game closer to their vision, and they have exceeded that.

Now I have started and stopped playing nms over the years, a few weeks ago I finally gave it the focus it deserves, and by coincidence this was just after autophage expansion dropped.

So I’ve done most assigned quests (except call of the deep), I have a decent sentinel ship, an s class exotic, a living ship, and a couple of others.

I’ve built a functional base, I have a full squadron, a full frigate compliment, a decent super capital ship, a fully built settlement and around a billion space bucks that I can’t spend.

My modules allow me to survive anywhere and kill anything the game throws at me with little challenge, I’ve seen all planet types and have a few interesting pets.

Everything that has seemed interesting to me to do has been done, all that is left is to grind for slightly better things that don’t actually matter. And that isn’t fun.

I doubt it’s an especially hot take, but nms is a huge game with unlimited scope with very little to do. There is no end game, there is no reason to get 10% better to defeat a mission or quest. There is no actual depth to anything. Literally all of the available activities could be expanded upon to give a better sense of achievement and depth.

Why can’t my settlement grow into a city?

Why can’t ships be fully modular allowing my own designs? (within reason).

Why can’t I go on missions with my frigates?

Why can’t I engage other freighters / systems with my fleet?

Literally every activity is endless in scope but limited in its execution, there is no need for money, better mods, better shops or weapons. You don’t need a base for any reason, and exploration gains nothing.

But it does take 100 hours to get to this point and that is value for money, but anything further is grinding for the sake of grinding, which I acknowledge some people do still enjoy, but for people like me who have had their fill of grindy games, it’s not good enough.

So, nms, thank you for your time, and you have improved so much, I hope one day you become the game you should be, because you have the foundation already, you just need a little extra push, and I can’t wait for it.

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Please help me figure out what the hell just happened to me...

So I’m fairly early on in the game (I think). I was warping between systems/galaxies, whatever they are, trying to trigger a space fight to get my free freighter. I warp and see what looks like a black hole hanging around in space straight after I warp. It’s not the system I was told to warp to as part of the main story mission that has something to do with black holes…There’s no dialogue boxes or icons on the compass at the top of the screen telling me what it is. So I fly into it, and then the standard warp loading screen plays. Nothing like the videos I’ve just watched from others flying through a black hole in this game. Then it spits me out in some random system and I have no idea where I am or what I’m supposed to do! In the Galaxy Map I can’t find any of the places I previously visited (I’d only warped like twice, maybe three times before this and close by my starter stuff). I seem to have lost one of the three main quests also…

So, do I stay and do stuff in this far away system, no where near any of the main story quests or previous stuff? Or do I leave and go back to where I was, though I may never get back here? Sorry this is rambling but I’m beyond confused at what the hell just happened.

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Anomaly Hunters

Anomaly Hunters

Greetings fellow travellers! Welcome to Anomaly Hunters, in this show I intend to travel to far reaches of the universe in search of:


Which I hope to photograph so everyone will be able to witness the majesty of what wonders are hiding out there in the depths of space.

Join me on my journey! Here’s a look into what I’ve found so far, though I’ve barely scratched the surface of what the universe has to offer.

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Endless Sentinel waves until I just die


I’m new to the game, and recently I ran into a loophole which is impossible to get out from unless I die.

I went on a planet with aggresive sentinels, they obviously started attacking so I decided to leave, as soon as I left the planet’s atmosphere I was intercepted by sentinel ships. I had no interests in fighting them either, so I decided to land on another planet. As soon as I landed I was attacked again by them.

Would you try guessing what would happen if I tried to leave? Sentinel ships in space will pop out of nowhere to harass me again.

I have no interests in fighting and getting harassed 24/7 by low IQ bots. How do I get rid of this loophole? Thanks

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Idiot's guide for earning units in the early game of NMS.

I wrote this as a reply to someone asking me how to earn the big bucks. I got carried away and I thought, why not post it as a new post so that others can see it. It wouldn’t hurt right?

Anyways, there’s a few routes that I use depending on the items that already I have. first route needs the ability to destroy sentinel ships. If you can fight, use this. If not, use the other route.

Route 1 starts here: Go to space to fight Sentinel ships until level 5 then destroy the Sentinel Freighter. You’ll get a carrier AI fragment. The important bit here is the Carrier AI Fragment. If you have this already, then you’re all set.

Use the fragment and warp to wherever it’s telling you to go to. After the warp, you’ll be in a Dissonant System. This means there’s at least 1 Dissonant planet in this system. The AI Fragment you used will guide you to a crashed sentinel ship. (If you know how to find Populated Dissonant Systems then you can skip fighting the Sentinel Freighter and just go to a Dissonant Planet).

If you used the Carrier AI Fragment, go to the marker to pick up your Sentinel Ship. Interact with the ship and grab the items there including the Hyalin Brain. You’ll also see a section where you need items to activate the ship. Take note of them. Now in your inventory, use the Hyalin brain. Follow the prompts to activate the brain and convert it into a Harmonic Brain. That’s 1/3 of the item requirements to activate the ship.

Route 2 starts here. If you know how to find a Dissonant system/planet. Go there and land. You have 2 choices here, 1st choice is combat. Fight 5 waves of corrupted sentinels. After the fight, pick up the combat supplies (use your analysis visor if you can’t remember where they dropped). The last one you pick up will guide you to a sentinel ship. Pick up the Hyalin Brain, and activate it.

If you don’t want to fight then just keep shooting Dissonance Resonator and Radiant Shards. Then just run when corrupted sentinels see you doing it. We need A bunch of radiant shards and Inverted Mirrors from them. But most importantly, Echo Locators. Echo locators drop from killing corrupted sentinels and opening the salvaged glass you get from them or from destroying Dissonance Resonators (25% chance, I think).

Now that you have a bunch of Radiant Shards, Inverted Mirrors, a couple of Echo Locators. It’s time to start Farming in earnest.

Use an echo locator to find a Harmonic Camp. In the camp, do the puzzle to unlock the terminal. You can also unlock the Multi Tool cabinet for that sweet Sentinel MT. In the terminal, you can find “Dissonant Spikes”. This is what we need here. Setup a base in this camp, or just drop a save beacon so you can find your way back to it.

Follow the dissonant spike to find a downed sentinel ship. Take the Hyalin Brain (and other items). Use the brain and follow the prompts to convert it into a Harmonic Brain. Go back to the ship, and use 3 radiant shards + 1 inverted mirror + 1 Harmonic Brain to claim the Sentinel Ship.

After you claim the Sentinel Ship. Jump back into your main ship and go back to the camp. Search for another Dissonant Spike and do it again. Rinse and Repeat, until either the camp does not give you anything else when you search for Dissonant Spikes or it just points you to a crash site you’ve already been to before. If this happens and you’re still not done with farming, then use another Echo locator to find another camp in the same planet.

Once you have all the ships you can manage (we have 12 ship slots), fly to the space station and SCRAP THEM SHIPS!

Each Sentinel ship when scrapped will give you items worth 15M at least per ship. That’s for a C class. If you scrapped an A class, you may get up to 40M worth of sellable items. That does not include the modules you can sell for nannites as well as storage upgrade modules so you can add inventory to your main ship.

During the current expedition, I saw one of the planets in the spawn system is Dissonant, I went and farmed ships for about 1 hour to an hour and a half. In that time, I earned 240M units and around 3 – 4k nannites I think.

TL/DR: Farm Sentinel Ships in Dissonant Planets.

Hope this helps some people. 😀

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How the heck am I meant to evade sentinel interceptors?

I’ve been to two planets with aggressive sentinels. You land and instantly get targeted. They keep attacking until you die. I fly into space, I shoot them down, more warp in. I shoot them down, more warp in. I shoot them down, more warp in. I shoot them down, more warp in. Critical damage taken. Critical damage taken. Critical damage taken. ?????????????????????????????????????

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