Unification Day - the biggest, oldest annual No Man's Sky holiday - is in one month! If you represen...

Unification Day is a semi-fan-made, semi-canon holiday based in the No Man’s Sky simulation.


Excerpt from a Distress Beacon at a Crashed Ship:

The logs reveal that the pilot was celebrating a festival known as ‘Unification Day’. Groups of similar minds, unable to meet but attempting to find one another, to claim worlds across time and space. Once a year their various alliances, federations, hubs, and empires united to remember all that they were, and could become in time…

This year, Unification Day is being organized by the Galactic Hub. That doesn’t mean it’s being hosted in our space, that just means I’m the one who is responsible for compiling the schedule and reaching out to participants.

So that’s what I’m doing! If you’re a member of a civilization, and you have any bases which would be suitable for hosting a Unification Day activity (minigame, PVP, racing, etc), let me know! I’ll also send you an invite to the Unification Day Council planning server.

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How to efficiently farm Anomaly Detectors: a short study on drop rates between systems

So other day I decided it was time to grow my fleet of living frigates. After using up my small supply of two (2) anomaly detectors, I realized that I actually had no idea where they came from. A little digging on the wiki told me that they “occasionally” drop from destroying asteroids. Well… that’s vague. So I shot out into my local system’s deep space and began blasting some asteroid fields. One hour later, no Anomaly Detectors. After a little more research around Reddit and the Steam forums, I realized that nobody really does know how to efficiently farm these things, just that they “occasionally” drop from asteroids. I saw some theories here and there, but none with some good, solid evidence- so I took it upon myself to produce some.

To test, I decided to spend 15 minutes in various system types destroying asteroid fields. The timer starts the moment I find an adequate asteroid field, and paused if there are any interruptions (hostile ships, cargo scans, etc.).

Before I get on with the results, let’s establish what we do know about Anomaly Detector drops. Their wiki page says they drop from asteroids, but looking into the page on “asteroids” gives us another vital piece of information: they only drop from “small” type asteroids. Not the large ones that break piece by piece, and NOT the crystal type asteroids (which is the primary asteroid type in my initial system).

So without further ado, here are the actual numbers for the 13 systems I tested in order of most Anomaly Detectors to least, including their star color, primary lifeform (if any), and whether or not they are dissonant:

  • Blue “abandoned” system (Gek), dissonant- 10 Anomaly Detectors

  • Red “uncharted” system, dissonant- 8 Anomaly Detectors

  • Red “uncharted” system- 7 Anomaly Detectors

  • Red Gek system, dissonant- 7 Anomaly Detectors

  • Red Korvax system- 7 Anomaly Detectors

  • Green Gek system- 7 Anomaly Detectors

  • Green “uncharted” system, dissonant- 6 Anomaly Detectors

  • Yellow Gek system- 5 Anomaly Detectors

  • Blue Vy’keen system, dissonant- 4 Anomaly Detectors

  • Blue Korvax system- 4 Anomaly Detectors

  • Blue “uncharted” system, dissonant- 3 Anomaly Detectors

  • Blue “uncharted” system- 2 Anomaly Detectors

  • Blue “abandoned” system (Vy’keen), dissonant- 2 Anomaly Detectors

So, what do our most successful systems have in common?

… basically nothing. In fact, the #1 system has more in common with the bottom 3 than any of the other top 3. Between 1st, 2nd, and the 4-way tie for 3rd place, we have red, green, and blue systems; uninhabited, abandoned, and populated systems; dissonant and non-dissonant systems- a little bit of everything. With the information gathered, I’m very comfortable in saying that the system you search in does not matter at all. It’s all RNG.

So that’s it? All that time wasted to find out it doesn’t matter?

Well, not exactly. Knowing that the drop rate is unaffected by the system type allows us to focus on other areas to maximize our collection: Not all of those 15 minute testing periods were built the same. Multiple times, I accidentally hit NPC ships mining asteroids as well. System freighters would warp in, despawning the chunk of asteroid field I was currently harvesting. I even had a freighter distress signal interrupt me without warping. Of course, I stopped my timer for the sake of testing fairly, but it did add to the actual time spent mining. So while they may not drop more Anomaly Detectors, uncharted and abandoned systems wind up being more efficient for farming Anomaly Detectors, as you’ll experience fewer interruptions.

So after over 3 hours of mindless asteroid blasting, I can definitively provide the most efficient way to farm Anomaly Detectors:

  • Step 1: Warp to an uncharted or abandoned system. Any system color will do.

  • Step 2: Locate an asteroid field and verify that it does not contain any of the “crystal” type asteroids. If it does, repeat step 1.

  • Step 3: Blast to your heart’s content! If you install a Cargo Scan Deflector, you should have next to no interruptions whatsoever!

Hopefully somebody out there finds this post useful. I know it was a lot of text for a rather underwhelming conclusion, but at this point I was too far in to not post my results. And even if it wasn’t super productive, it was fun doing some actual research on a relatively undocumented topic in the game.

Anyway, now I gotta go figure out what to do with 72 Anomaly Detectors.

Happy hunting, travellers!

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Nanite refining

Been play for a little over 200 hrs and hearing about Nanite farms using Runaway Mold. Made a couple of farms myself. Then learned other methods of refining nanites. Check on the wiki and found a lot of stuff just sitting in my storage I can use….

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Join Eisvana, Eissentam's newest civilization!

Discover Eisvana, the thriving civilization in the Fade of the Eissentam galaxy! Settle on our newly found capital planet Accordia and unlock a world of boundless possibilities. With a focus on building, exploration, and documentation, we offer a unique experience like no other! Our advanced custom tools like our Eisvana Wiki Page Creator empower you to capture every moment of your journey and document it with ease. Unleash your creativity by constructing magnificent bases or by contributing to our lore! Join our vibrant community of like-minded travellers and be part of a civilization that values collaboration and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a budding architect, Eisvana welcomes you to a world of endless opportunities!

You can learn more about us on our embassy wiki page.
Join our Discord server and be part of Eisvana today!

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