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Beware: other players CAN take over your settlement

So there seems to be some loophole whereby other players are able to take your settlement.

I became overseer of one on the galactic hub capital the day the update released. I spent quite a lot of time building it up, but when I started playing the other day I could no longer access the terminal and it said that the settlement was owned and renamed by another player.

I presume the other player was able to become overseer offline and then when they logged on to servers my overseer status was overwritten. I hope the devs are aware of this as it’s a pretty big flaw in the frontiers update. I doubt I’ll be able to get it back as even when I play offline I can’t access the terminal now.

Please upvote so the devs know about this and can patch it.

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This game is perfect

I dont know if this kind of post is allowed but I just wanted to say how great this game is and how important it already is to me in so little time.

I have around 1 day of gameplay and it’s hard to describe the feeling this game gives me.

I had a dream of being an astronaut as a kid, though that dream did die a little with time, since music became my biggest passion/dream.

Still, when I found out about this game and understood all the stuff we can do on it, it definitely satisfies the part of me that would love to explore this universe.

Having my own ship, base, going anywhere I want from the dangerous and ugly planets to the beautifull and peaceful ones, it’s truly amazing.

It’s been several months since I haven’t played a game for more than 2 hours in a row, but No Man’s Sky was able to keep me playing for more than that.

Really love this game and it’s community, looking forward to many more hours of playing this masterpiece and I’m really glad the developers never gave up on it, so we can enjoy it

That’s all 🙂

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