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Contrary To *seemingly* everyone’s Waypoint opinions..

I absolutely adore this update. The massively increased Inventory size along with all the Custom Settings easily outweigh the loss of tech-stacking.

The new UI is sleek and much easier to navigate than the old.

The new renderer makes the entire game look lit properly (darker in shadows, more vibrant contrast between colors)

The new autosave system has also not killed save scumming (to my knowledge) as it only autosaves after interacting with something, meaning Freighter rolling is still possible if you use the Analysis Visor to check Class and Slots instead of speaking to the captain.

Overall I am super hyped with this update, and will probably start a new playthrough just for it! Much love to Hello Games

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I love that exploring is now a valid way to get nanites

The increased pay for discovering all fauna on a planet is something that pulled me back into the game recently. I’m the kind of guy who explores and scans as much as he can on *every* planet of *every* system I come across (except for the systems I join from the Nexus) because I like it, and with 3 S class scanner upgrades, it’s always been my main way of making money in this game. And now, it’s also a legit way to get a ton of Nanites when getting all the fauna.

Thank you Hello Games.

I have two side notes regarding fauna though. First, I’m not exactly sure when they added that, but I never really noticed that some creatures were only found in north or south of a planet. It’s a nice touch I think. Second there are still creatures that are definitely not spawning as the discovery page says. I have a planet on my home system that just won’t spawn the last fauna… which would give me 2 250 nanites.

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Waypoint 4.05

Hello everyone, Thank you to everyone playing the Waypoint Update, especially those taking the time to report any issues they encounter via Zendesk or console crash reporting. We are listening closely to your feedback, and have identified and resolved a number of issues. These fixes are included in patch 4.05, which will be live on… View Article

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Let me preface the following by saying I own NMS on (3) platforms, I platinum’d the game on PS4, and have well over 1000 hrs spread across all 3 platforms. This little rant is a cumulnation of my experience from day one to now and my insight into what I want and I believe NMS needs.

Let’s rip out hat to Hello Games for the hard work and dedication they have shown to their game, the free updates, and their continued support and investment. Almost every other developer could take a page from them.

Over the years we have gotten a plethora of updates that have added numerous spheres of activity, some very welcomed…others, well, it’s content that’s been added.

I have been clamoring for quite a while now for a proc gen update with added assets. This is what NMS is at its core…a serene explorative kinda game. Imo it isn’t about min/maxing, collecting ships or multi tools, harvesting milk or eggs, it’s about the excitement of seeing what’s over the next hill or what’s in the next valley.

I understand that adding more content it adds to explorative aspect…but the environment we are doing this is remains the same. I appreciate any content we get in a 5 yr old game, hell that’s all bonus.

What we truly need is a proc gen overhaul, add in more assets, so that when we go after a diff ship, or hunt down those royal multi tools, we do so seeing something new, not something we’ve seen countless times. I’d be more inclined to spend time on planets if there were new items to hunt down, new minerals to collect, new fauna with new assets.

Now, at least for us old timers, the whole game feels repetitive and boring. We see nothing new…I really miss those early days of playing where I spent hours on planets, on foot, just wandering and exploring to see what I can find. Well the answer then is the answer now…pretty much the same thing I found on the last planet.

Anyone who has invested time into NMS already have maxed multi tools, max inv slots, max ships and max freighter/fleet…we don’t need more upgrades we need content. I read once, someone said, NMS is as big as an ocean but as shallow as puddle and I believe this is a perfect analogy to what NMS is.

In conclusion I believe we do not need a combat overhaul, we don’t need new multi tools, we need a proc gen update with a ton of new assets. What’s your thoughts?

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