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Weekly Bug Report Thread

This thread is followed by Hello Games. Please add your bug reports to this thread. You can also report bugs to Hello Games at the Zendesk. Before reporting a bug be sure you have installed the latest Patch or Hot Fix, information is located on this page. Please include platform and version.

This weekly thread is to help keep bug reports manageable. It is a scheduled weekly thread and not related to any specific release. You do not have to repost bugs to this post if you have already reported them on a previous post.

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Patch notes: SENTINEL / from startup screen

No Man’s Sky SENTINEL brings a vast array of new features. For full details please see www.nomanssky.com.

  • 4 new varieties of Sentinel make combat more exciting and strategic.

  • Sentinels are smarter than ever, with improved navigation and the ability to deploy shields.

  • New weapons offer advanced capabilities such as enemy paralysis and damage over time.

  • A new mission chain deepens Sentinel lore and introduces personal robotic companions to fight alongside you.

  • Ominous Sentinel Pillars contain new stories, secrets, and the power to sabotage Sentinel patrols.

  • Multi-Tool slots have increased from 3 to 6, and Companion slots have increased from 6 to 18.

Hello Games has been hard at work to improve and expand No Man’s Sky. We hope you enjoy. 🙂 Thank you so much, Hello Games

Found o. Startup screen.

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