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Are you new player looking for some tips to get you started? Are you a veteran player with some advice you want to pass along? Looking for a good way to earn units, nanites or just how to get the most out of the game? Check out our new FAQ thread!

Here's some of the FAQ suggestions we received in our previous FAQ thread. Keep in mind that these are opinions from some of our valued OP's and you may agree or disagree with some of these. We just ask that everyone remains respectful when replying to this thread and we look forward to your contribution! NMSTG Mod Team

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Tip #1: Always try to multitask. Too many new players seem to be hyper focused on farming for something rather than enjoying the game. You’ll get tons of units and nanites as you play. Always try to be doing multiple things. Pick up the portable refiner so you can refine something from your inventory while exploring and mining.

Tip #2: Avoid multiplayer until unlocking the anomaly, can be stranded if not.

Q- "I was on the Anomaly and a bunch of expensive stuff showed up in my inventory. What do I do with it?

A:" Congrats! Another player has bestowed you with a gift. Most likely it is an item to sell for some quick and easy cash, unless it is some form of egg (companion eggs for pets, void eggs to begin a quest for a living ship). Usually the item description will tell you what it is used for.

Q: "Help, I claimed a broken ship and now I can't find my starter ship! Is it gone forever?"

A:" If you merely selected to "claim" the broken ship and not "swap" it, then your old ship is still around. If you left it with launch fuel in the tank, you can summon it with the quick-menu (if you select the summon icon, you can find current ship, exocraft, freighter and other ships). If it does not have fuel, it can be summoned on the Anomaly (once you unlock it), your freighter (once you acquire one), or it will magically show up in the space station if you decide to scrap the new ship."

Q- "Are crashed ships worth repairing?"

A-" Unless it is an exotic, no. Scrap the ship at the space station, sell the items it gives you, and use those units to buy a better, working version of a ship in that system.

Q- "Any advice for new players?"

A-"For new players, make sure you read the guide in-game. It's an excellent beginner's guide for traveling, learning about the alien races, building, and etc. Take a look over the catalogue of items too. It'll come in handy when you need to learn how to craft materials. Turn off pvp. Also, I'd strongly suggest mining a massive amount of carbon, oxygen, and sodium. These three items will be some of your most used and critical items in the game.

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Traveler PSA: Turn off PVP

PVP is turned ON by default and while most of the community is pretty chill there is always that one troll that doesn’t know when to quit. Remember if you die 3 times in a row you’ll lose your suit inventory and the inventory of your current ship, even if you recover your grave.

So if you want to play in Multi-player but don’t want to live dangerously go into the game’s menu and under the Network tab set PVP to NO ONE or FRIENDS ONLY.

Edit: Some civilizations have PVP events/areas so setting PVP to Friends only will allow you to join in by adding “enemies” to your friends list, at least temporally, without leaving you open to attack by random strangers.

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I'd be more willing to keep sending my frigates out to other worlds if there were some sort of "...

I’m thinking like posters,, piece of some mural, other base equipment odds and ends… stuff like that. Otherwise, I’m already finding it hard to justify sending out ships just to find stuff I’ll only end up selling. It’s hard to spend anything, and my finances are already at cap.

At this point, I’m stripping ships for the compressed indium strips and giving that away at the nexus.

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続きを読む シェア


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