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Starting a New Save Was Made ALOT Easier.

So I just started a new save for the new update and turned off Tutorial as I usually do and I noticed the early game was changed dramatically.

You no longer need to craft the scanner, analysis visor, and terrain manipulator on your starting multi-tool and you don't need to repair OR even install the hyper drive on the radiant pillar.

With that said, the early game hazard protection buff you get at the start, is also gone. Which means at challenging survival difficulty, your hazard starts going down FAST. Still, removing the early tedium of repairing everything is a really really nice QoL change.

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Such a Thing as "Too Rare"

In general, I’m pretty content with the rarity of things in this game – it all feels like, if you do properly search and play the system, you can get what it is you want, regardless of type, Class, whatever.

The exception, in my eyes, is different Multi-Tool types.

I have scoured all A-Class Multi-Tools of thirty-four systems at this point. That is, I have scoured the A-Class Multi-Tool… of EVERY planet… in THIRTY-FOUR systems… and have found not a single Experimental, not a single Alien, not a single Royal, not a single Staff, not a single Atlantid…

… in fact, after fine-combing thirty-four systems’ A-Class Multi-Tools, I have found three Sentinel Multi-Tools and otherwise only Rifles and Pistols.

While I generally seriously appreciate the rarity of the game’s greatest and most desirable things… too much is too much. This really is ridiculous.

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Expedition Omega FAQ

Having finished the expedition (and watched the questions in this forum) here’s a handy FAQ!

General tips

  • Read all the tasks – they don’t have to be done in order. Some of them you can get out of the way early on. (scanning flora / fauna, learning words, pictures of different environments..)
  • At every space station, especially in the rendevous systems, scroll through all the other bases. Some of them will have super helpful names like “Airless photo op” or “Sunken Freighter here” or a list of available resources.
  • Most of the time it’s better to not be in multi-player mode – that will mean that resources others have gathered, beings in stations that have been talked to, ships that have been found – all these will still be available to you, where they probably won’t be in multi-player. However, whenever you visit the Anomaly it is nice to be in multi-player.
  • You can craft ammo out of ferrite. Super helpful for those pesky sentinels. Speaking of Sentinels, you can tunnel underground or dive into the water to escape them. Usually.
  • Once you go through the back hole, immediately go to the space station in that system and use the station teleporter to get back to your base or the previous system. Do NOT try to warp back to the 3rd rendevous, it will just make you frustrated.
  • The very first system you spawned in on has a planet that will work for the hot planet pic.
  • If you are reading this on Feb 19, Tier 5 community research isn’t done yet. If you want the rewards for that, don’t complete the expedition until that is done.

What do I take with me?

  • If you are a new player, not to worry! you will be able to collect what you need. Also look for other bases that are offering things (see tips above) The rest of this guide is for folks who aren’t starting a new save for the expedition.
  • If you have a main save, and want to bring stuff over – here are some things to consider.
    • Basic building blocks: 9999 stacks of carbon, ferrite, sodium, oxygen, chromatic metal, silver, tritium, di-hydrogen, ect
    • Special items: things to claim an interceptor (inverted mirror), things to make liquid explosive (acid, unstable gel), cadmium, salt
    • Things to make or save money: wiring looms, salvaged data, exosuit inventory modules, runaway mold or tainted metal to make nanites, high ticket items to sell (hot ice, floral samples, stasis pods, ect.)
    • Tech row: eh. not as helpful as you’d think, especially if you are bringing over things for nanites and selling. You could drop some S class stuff here for the exosuit? but especially if you plan to “buy” a copy of your multi-tool and ship, those should already be tricked out.
    • In general, the items and upgrades you really need to complete the tasks will be given to you or will be possible to obtain. For instance you start out with a portable refiner. Don’t buy the special star warp upgrades from the Anomaly – you’ll get them as a reward.

What can I take back?

  • All the expedition rewards will be available from the quicksilver booth in the anomaly on any save.
  • If you transferred from your main, you can use the same storage system to send stuff back (like companion eggs, other stuff you’ve collected that’s hard or expensive to get, resources if you want to)
  • Here I found the tech slots much more useful, taking back upgrades for use on other starships/multitools.
  • You will be able to buy back the ship you are in and the primary multi-tool you are carrying, so if you brought stuff over from your main, make sure you are back in them going back. You’ll be able to claim the reward ship and atlas staff at the quicksilver station.
  • Yeah, for real, you can only take back one ship and one multi-tool. so be sure the ones you want are the ones equipped.

What about my money / nanites / bases?

Ok – disclaimer. I haven’t actually completed the expedition yet, I’m waiting for the Tier 5 community research to complete. So I don’t know FOR SURE about this, but here’s what I’ve read.

  • Your bases will be available from your main.
  • Some of the stuff you didn’t take back with you will be converted into units and nanites.
  • Anything you buy with quicksilver on the expedition will also be available to claim on the main.
  • if someone who has completed the expedition wants to chime in with what happened to their units/nanites/quicksilver, that would be much appreciated!

Anything else interlopers? Feel free to chime in with tips or ask questions in the comments!

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I found a moon today that’s populated entirely by spheres. The rocks are round, the creatures are living orbs that roll around, there are large dead globes with deposits of resources, and even larger specimen floating in the air tied down by round cables. Only been playing for a few hours and I adore the planet and that I discovered it lmao

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