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I know ship hunting is important but… its kind of brutal that we cannot atleast modify an existing starship.

Thinking of the big picture you probably will never be able to obtain the starship that you dream of ever in your lifetime. The common saying is that exploration is a core aspect of the game and the player should keep exploring to find the ship they want, but there is a very brutal catch…

The world of NMS consists of 256 Galaxies, all with their hundreds of systems, who also have their handful of planets, the NMS world is so huge that you probably wouldn't even be able to comb through it all in your whole lifetime even if you explored 24/7 without going to the bathroom or eating.

Now here is my point, I don't intend to imply that HG should just allow us to build our own ship and make the whole exploring shtick useless, but atleast we should be able to work with something that is "good enough". A Sentinel ship for instance, I find a good model with folding wings and belly horn but it has the ugly big wing stuck in its body? I should be able to remove it. I find a good one with the wrong colors? I should be able to change the paintjob.

No modifying the entire ship, but still be able to change a range of body parts and paint to better match what we want, I dont care if it would change it to C class or if it costed an unholy amount of Nanites, it would simply be another nice goal to chase at endgame.

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Things we've lost over the years.

I’ll go first… these are things I personally miss the most:

-Pre-order ships along with their unique tech

-Building on Freigher Bridges

-Truly alien terrain generation

-Random sound effects: distorted Morse code signals while flying near NPC freighters and alarm bells on personal freighter bridges

-Old-style Exocraft Teleporter on freighter

-Base Mainframes

-Rust textures for certain base parts

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Welcome to the new daily Q&A thread for NMSTG! You can now drop a question, provide answers or j...

Below are a few popular questions that we’ve received from our past FAQ thread. As always we ask that everyone be respectful and we welcome everyone’s contribution so have fun!

Q- I’m keen to start a new passive money making pursuit. What are some good ideas or guides post-Waypoint?

A#1-Gold farm, then take that stack and sell it at a terminal (not traders) in systems that sell gold. Sell all your gold to the terminal and crash the economy. Then buy it all back at 80% off discount. You just got free money and keep all the gold. All this takes is an initial investment on a gold farm, then you carry all that gold with you and just sell/buy back when you get to another system that sells gold. With 50 stacks in my ship’s cargo hold, I can make somewhere around 150 million units in each system I do this in.

A#2-Start a Farm, Fusion Igniters or Statis Devices Farm which will increase your profits to 100- 200 mil fairly quickly and you can even send out multiple freighter missions which will help you get aronium, magno-gold, Enriched carbon and more which will increase the profits even more.

A#3-Quickest way I’ve found to make a TON of units: Harvesting Storm Crystals. Find a VERY hot planet that has frequent fire storms. DURING STORMS ONLY – you can see the bright white light from Storm Crystals if you fly around low enough. Fly to them, land, quickly harvest them, get back in your ship and fly to the next before you burn up.

Q-How do I get the Advanced Mining Laser? I don’t have the option to craft one, and the multi-tool upgrade vendor at the space station doesn’t have the blueprint for sale.

A-In order to get it, you have to look for the blueprints in crashed ships or abandoned facilities. You get it from the main story (awakenings) or you can buy it on the anomaly.

Q-What do I actually do in the game? I finished the tutorial, is there anything else beside gathering stuff, building a base and repeat?

A#1-It’s really whatever you want, there’s a base story, (assuming you haven’t completed it already), follow the quest log and you’ll figure it out, but things You’d want to do for end game? You can collect multiple multitools, ships, built a fleet for your freighter, etc.

Q-Is there a planet that is populated by many players, and they built their base close to each others like a city?

A- Yeah its the Galactic Hub Project, Its a place where many people have bases and each day the numbers grow. Please help yourself. There are many factions in NMS that do this, even NMS Pirates Hub.

Q-I’m still pretty early into the game, just making my way to the center of the galaxy, what should I be spending my credits on?

A-Go hang around a outlaw/pirate trading post. Cheapest S-class start at around 8-8.5 million without a trade-in. I recommend Vikeen pirate, as then you have two good and 1 remote chances at high-maneuverability S-class: fighter, solar, exotic.

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I found a moon today that’s populated entirely by spheres. The rocks are round, the creatures are living orbs that roll around, there are large dead globes with deposits of resources, and even larger specimen floating in the air tied down by round cables. Only been playing for a few hours and I adore the planet and that I discovered it lmao

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