Prisms Development Update

Hello Everyone! It’s been such a joy for us seeing all the new screenshots and videos shared by travellers since the Prisms update – the universe has never looked this good! Thank you so much to everyone documenting and sharing the worlds you encounter in your explorations. It is incredible to be on this journey… View Article

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For those returning to the game after some time: Don't misunderstand base locations like I did.

So for 30 minutes yesterday I flew around a paradise planet I found looking for a “Habitable Base Location.” I was scanning, using exocraft, signal boosters, etc. Couldn’t find one I was kinda getting discouraged.

Then I tried something. I just plopped down a “base computer” and claimed a spot.

That’s it. No longer do you need to find a suitable base location. You can build almost anywhere.

I know for some this is sensical. But for folks like me who came back to the game after years away and are looking to build a new base, we’re stuck in our old ways.

TL;DR: You can build a base anywhere. Build a base computer the claim the base. You don’t need a “habitable base location” like you used to.

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